Neo Black Movement = Black Axe?

One of the most confusing aspects about NBM (at least outside Nigeria) is their relationship to the Black Axe campus cult. Let’s first have a look at what NBM says about this.

official bs

And ” its core objectives being to eradicate all forms of oppression, intimidation, corruption, neo colonialism and other vices from the society using legal means.”  In a newspaper statement: “We are not the Black Axe confraternity, neither are we a secret cult. Our registered trustees are made up of prominent law abiding citizens of Nigeria . We cannot be involved in criminal activities or murder for that matter under any guise”

This is just one example of NBM’s (public) position. They say: “We are not Black Axe”.

Now let’s see what others say. First, the Nigerian jurisdiction. They say that NBM is identical with Black Axe and falls under the secret cult prohibition bill. That makes NBM an illegal organisation. Secondly, every Nigerian citizen and the media use NBM and Black Axe synonymously. So everybody else says: “NBM and Black Axe are identical”.

And they are right. Here is what members of NBM say when they are not talking to a newspaper but among themselves:

i dey ba



In fact, Black Axe was the original name of the group as can be seen in this statement from one of the founders:

“The Battle-Axe was the symbol of the Brotherhood of the Baraccans which metamorphosed into the Black-Axe movement in 1977. Since the major aim of the MOVEMENT was the defence and protection of the Black man world-wide, it was decided to call the organisation the BLACK AXE MOVEMENT. The AXE dripped blood which suggested a readiness to deal severely with all enemies of the Black race world-wide. A few days after we named the movement, we held discussions with our then adviser and patron Professor Onwogeogwu who articulated and encapsulated our ideas under the umbrella NEO-BLACKISM. From then on the BLACK-AXE MOVEMENT ALSO BECAME KNOWN AS THE NEO-BLACK MOVEMENT. THE BLACK-AXE WAS ALSO THE NAME OF OUR MOUTH-PIECE.”

Internally the name Black Axe is still used, but in public it is avoided and denied. Mostly, but not always:

nbm ba official small disfigured


Clearly, NBM and Black Axe are one and the same and always were. The public denial of this fact has a number of reasons that will be looked into in coming posts.



paper “THOUGHTS ON BLACK-AXE MOVEMENT 1977” by Ibn Godidi de Saddest

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20 Responses to Neo Black Movement = Black Axe?

  1. Jn hakeem says:

    Dodos 2 all glorious men way de dis bkgrnd una 2 bam.

  2. juliet onyema says:

    I love black Axe cause they are freedom fighters. N I will always love my black Bra

  3. Ugo says:

    Me I b bagger boy but I still believe aye

  4. Obinna .N.C says:

    I love NBM with all my life.

  5. idris olawale salvador says:

    Me I still believe in ayes. Because all ayes are bam.

  6. mikyosi says:

    i love nbm

  7. Bloodmoni Oluwadollar says:

    Axemen re d wisest men on planet earth

  8. Chicago says:

    Najuju, its time you face your own problems and stop the blackmail. From all you wrote, you’re only giving the NBM a strong popularity which I’m enjoying. Najuju should be centered on the problems in the nation whose corrupt practises has lowered the well being of the nationals, then, you can start hitting on the results on our youths. A bad tree has to be uprooted, not only cutting branches.
    Nbm has the best ideology as a movement in the whole of Africa, because none of the blueprints you presented posed any danger to the public . So human, you need to direct your grievances elsewhere for increased traffic.

  9. Prosper says:

    Aye axemen am proud to an aye dodorima to all egede man here jew name prosper

  10. Omoru lucky says:

    Dodos to all glorious men?

  11. kizluky says:

    Dodos to all glorious me**** jew name lucky

  12. Akaayar clifford Oryiman says:

    Axemen aye ibin godidi i recognize u

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