An Open Letter to the Neo Black Movement of Africa

“The Neo Black Movement of Africa is a socio-cultural organisation that seek to revive, retain and modify where necessary those aspects of African culture that would provide vehicles of progress for Africa and her peoples. The Neo Black Movement holds that a people can only progress rapidly by using and modifying where necessary such knowledge and instruments that has since distant past been familiar to them.

Apart from fighting to stop African culture from liquidation, the Neo Black Movement attempts to spread the message of the need for peace, respect and tolerance among various races of the world. For this reason the movement unequivocally condemns in every form racism and apartheid wherever it exists in the world.”

That is NBM in its own words. Apart from NBM not being involved in any activities that would fit the self-description above, they are rather known to be involved in a number of activities that contradict each and every word of it. So, dear NBM….
  • why do you claim to be a charity/movement while everybody in Nigeria knows what you really are?
  • why, if you want to be a charity/movement, don’t you just become one rather than continuing to be a criminal cult that lies about being a charity in public?
  • do you think there is any credibility at all in this as long as you operate a campus cult which has claimed way too many lives of students?
  • why don’t you get out of schools rather than just claiming to do so?
  • do you realize that you will never, ever get any credibility if you continue to be what you are?
  • why do you continue to preach “ruggedity” and “supremacy” when that is clearly part of the reason for all the atrocities?
  • why do you spend 36 years mourning Sharpeville massacre but never care to shed a tear for all the young people who have died because of you?
  • why do you whine endlessly about campus violence and how it damages your image but at the same time do nothing against it?
  • why do you value “ruggedity of Ayes” more than human lives?
  • what is all the money used for that you collect from your members? Is it only for supporting your members who are in prison, paying ransom for kidnapped members, and for financing black boogie parties?
  • how does it fit into your “humanitarian ideology” that most members of NBM are criminals who harm others?
  • how does it fit into your “ideology of equality of races” that most of your members consider it to be totally acceptable to steal from white people by means of 419?
  • how do you think anybody could possibly take you seriously, a group of grown men in yellow socks calling each other weird names?
  • how many more years do you plan to spend copy-pasting the same blabla about Soweto and Sharpeville over and over again – what is actually “neo” about this?
  • how do you think it actually “improves the image of black man in the world” when you export your crimes abroad and form rings of forced prostitution, drug smuggling, and scamming around the world?

Things benevolent movements and charities DON’T do:,56666.0.html

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16 Responses to An Open Letter to the Neo Black Movement of Africa

  1. Martinz says:

    Egede to all ma barudas,jew dne d crie,make una take am wanyu wanyu

  2. I am pround to be an axeman

  3. ojuloge says:

    Me na abt to move….bt dodorima to all strong men in d house…krf guide u all…u no go fall

  4. Don Kennite says:

    I no get loss 4 NBM

  5. Yakson J says:

    I want to know more

  6. Obinna .N.C says:

    I believe in NBM and also Black Race.Dodorima.

  7. barry james says:

    uche tobias..we know your real name, the fact is that u re just been stupid and confused because u were expelled from this very beautiful organisation.if u like go and hug transformer, u wont be called back..idiot

  8. barry james says:

    a uche Tobias guy go and rest, u re defeated

  9. Aye M.Y says:

    Domina! Domina…

  10. Olanga says:

    Dodos 2 all axe men worldwide

  11. osawe osamede says:

    me na me na black axe

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