How Censorship and Corruption Work Hand in Hand to Assist Crime

Today a number of threads dedicated to outing the truth about and discussing the Neo Black Movement of Africa were simultaneously removed from the Nigerian Nairaland forum. It’s not as if they usually give a flying f*** about the contents on there, so where on earth did this sudden and brute action against a specific topic come from?

The answer is probably this: the leadership of NBM (which happens to include a number of politicians and celebrities) threatened the Nairaland admins with legal action. They have done this before.

When Bayelsa State listed NBM/Black Axe in the secret cults prohibition bill they  immediately got their lawyers busy to compose letters to the government and prepared to drag Bayelsa State to the Federal High Court because they felt that it “tarnished their image” to be on that list.

Similar threats went out to at least one newspaper that dared call them something that happened to be the truth but again was not what NBM liked to read about themselves. A number of newspaper articles that included obvious lies by NBM (that were later exposed) have been removed from online archives lately. Probably because being exposed as a liar tarnishes one’s image.

So now it seems to be Nairaland’s turn.

Well, according to the Nigerian law, NBM IS an illegal organisation, and it IS prohibited under the said secret cult prohibition bills in various states. So is NBM above the law?

Simply put: yes.

And what about the truth?

The truth doesn’t matter. They have the power and the money to create their own version of reality. Long live corruption!!!

But not only do they keep the truth out of the sight of public. It’s far worse than that. There are several instances of NBM murderers being arrested and shortly after released under “mysterious” circumstances.

Of course the circumstances are not all that mysterious – long live corruption!!!


All it takes is a cultist “who runs things with the governor”… who is possibly a cultist himself.

And it still gets worse: NBM have also attempted to take the police to court because they dared arrest the head of the most murderous NBM zone of all – Benin. In 2013 alone NBM’s cult wars (or “crisis” as they put it) in Benin have put an end to numerous lives. But here is what they have to say about it:


“NBM today is battling with the police, public to keeps its name as a result of misdemeanor of some members recently the national head in his speech to the last NCOE IT declared that the Benin zonal head was arrested owing to the last crisis in Benin that it took time to secure his release after the intervention of some stakeholders and that the police commisioner actually made attempt to arrest him too that preparation is in top gear to take the police to court.”


So to make it short: NBM, the self-proclaimed “movement for social justice” does not believe in murderers being prosecuted. Instead, they bribe them out of prison. Because they can. Because they are allowed to. Because everybody gives in to their threats. Yes, the system is that rotten and corrupt.

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7 Responses to How Censorship and Corruption Work Hand in Hand to Assist Crime

  1. black says:

    the neo black movement is not no for killing it is no for freedom and justic. don’t let any full you .the neo black movement do not kill any one on the bamig day

  2. NBM is not a bunch of killers but freedom fighters…you just keep writting article tarnishin our image in the eyes of those that are gullible. How about buccaneers, vickings, eiye, mafs,maphites,ave klans men, jurists and many other con fraternities that kill we axemen over nothing. We are millitant and can’t fold our hands when our brothers are being killed…axemen don’t just go out killing…pls if u have a gun and a bunch of robbers break into your house won’t you kill them u better do cos if u don’t anything can happen so u have to make a move protect yourself and your family….this your articles are really biased and one can see tht bcos all your write ups are all about NBM and axemen as if we are the only ones on earth…bros compot yourself and call yourself to order

    • najuju says:

      yeah, I know it’s really bothering you. You just don’t get the point, do you. I repeat: this blog is about NBM and not the other, identical criminal organisations aka frats. You are free to write about them. I won’t.
      Since you keep insisting on certain nonsensical points why don’t you enlighten us all:
      whose freedom are you fighting for and by which means? Provide objective proof of your claims or don’t even bother replying.

  3. slizzy k says:

    An axemen is nt jst cnfratanityan we fight 4 freedom buh wu knw go knw go knw we knw tout frat soo all those dat say we 2 de meche or we dey kill no be so
    Black is beautyful .
    We’re fightin 4 d freedom we mst specific.

    • najuju says:

      you are apparently very blind to reality. So please enlighten us:
      1) whose “freedom” are you fighting for?
      2) freedom of what?
      3) by which means? Kindly name specific actions and projects with proof.

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