Dealing with Cult Wars: Lies and Denial

Over the years uncounted students have been killed in the mad cult wars between rival confraternity groups at Nigerian campuses. The Neo Black Movement of Africa aka Black Axe is one of the most notorious cults in this respect. But how does NBM react to these incidents? Is anything done to stop the killing?

As usual, there are two sides to this story: the secret and the public one. Let’s first have a look at what’s going on in an axemen-only forum.

Here an axeman was injured in a conflict with the Buccaneers. The reaction: “kill Buccaneers”.


Here the comments about a cult war in Sptember 2013. They are updating their fellow axeman on the present “war scores”.


This following discussion thread is dedicated to the question whether the “movement” can survive without H.I.T. (=cult wars). An interesting question if one considers what NBM is officially about…. To summarize: cult wars are seen as a necessary reaction to provocations by rival cults. Also interesting is how they desperately try to interpret cult wars as “fighting against oppression” which is one of the official goals of NBM. What is most shocking though is how normal it is to them that students go around killing each other.








Once they learnt that this particular forum had been infiltrated, we see this below as a reaction. It translates as: “keep killing people but don’t post it here so it doesn’t appear in public”.


There are some appeals by the National Head Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo to stop the wars as can be seen below. The main concern seems to be how the incidents “damage the image” of NBM. Also note that the National Head denies in public that NBM is present at campuses (Temples) and is involved in cult wars (see below).


Now to the reaction in public. In a newspaper article about a cult war the National Head stated:

We are registered by law. We are not the Black Axe confraternity, neither are we a secret cult. Our registered trustees are made up of prominent law abiding citizens of Nigeria. We cannot be involved in criminal activities or murder for that matter under any guise.

( )

Every word in this statement is a lie!

One of the founders of NBM, Nicholas Idemudia, commented on an open letter on Facebook. The comment is interesting for various reasons and clearly shows NBM’s deeply mendacious approach to campus violence. The letter writer appeals to the cults to stop the wars in Benin City. The founder doesn’t out himself as who he is but rants about the psychopaths and criminals (who happen to be mostly members of the NBM he founded). And he calls for Marvel Akpoyibo to be put in charge of a special squad to deal with the miscreants. Now who would have guessed it: Marvel Akpoyibo is also one of the founders of NBM!  Of course it would be in NBM’s interest to have him in charge of such a special squad as their own miscreants could be spared prosecution easier!


Is anything actually done against the killing by NBM? The answer is: NO. Every now and then there is a discussion about abolishing the Temples, but this has never found much support. Then there are frequent calls for more “orientation” of Temple Ayes which is thought to stop the killing. However it’s questionable how being indoctrinated with the hollow phrases that are the orientation of NBM would have this effect. Since 2012 there has been talk about a Temple summit and reorganisation of Temples, but no such thing has taken place. The killers are not even removed from the “movement” even though they are known and post their war scores under the eyes of the leadership. Instead, they are bribed out of prison by influential members of NBM when they get arrested.

Judging by the way NBM deals with this issue it can be suspected that it’s in NBM’s interest to have such criminals in the “movement”. It is well known that axemen have been used as thugs in political campaigns. Since many axemen are politicians it is most likely convenient for them to have a number of criminals handy for their selfish purposes.

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24 Responses to Dealing with Cult Wars: Lies and Denial

  1. African says:

    You have failed to stress the fact that some members of NBM are not as you paint them to be. Anyone who takes the time to read the screenshots you stole from that forum will find that there are some with good ideologies.

    • najuju says:

      I don’t think taking screenshots is considered “theft”, but apart from that, yes. The post was about the lies. I am well aware that not all members of NBM are killers, and that many are not fond of it. BUT: they don’t do anything against the killing either.

      • African says:

        Taking screenshots of a private forum and publishing it on an open blog is clearly not right.
        Efforts are being made to sanitize the mentality of some members. These efforts are being made by floor members who care about the Nigerian youths in general. But If you choose to address this issue properly without being biased you would admit the reason some NBM members insist the violence can’t stop is because other organizations are not making any efforts to stop theirs.
        The only way to tackle this in my opinion is to address and reorientate all these organizations. If I were in a good position and had the resources, that is what I will be working towards.
        I think you should stop this hate towards NBM in particular because I don’t see how it is helping matters.

      • najuju says:

        so why do you think anyone should believe in your useless and factually non-existant “efforts” to change something? This hollow blablabla about re-orientation has been going on for how many decades now?? The fact is that NBM is banned under Nigerian law. It’s an unlawful group, and for good reason. The only way to properly deal with NBM and all the other equally brutal and useless frats is to eradicate them. And a first step in achieving this is to expose all your lies and crimes. Whether you like it or not.

      • @African… you say “Efforts are being made to sanitize the mentality of some members” and yet it’s your leadership who were recently caught bullshitting about been partnered with the British Red Cross and United Nations.

        Cant blame that bullshit on “bag eggs” or “impostors” or “youth”

  2. I hate critics says:

    Najuju, why do you focus mainly on NBM? if your are against cultism you should talk against cultism in general and not focus on a particular group, i keenly believe that either you have been a member of NBM or a rival, Cultism is not just about a particular group…. the killings are not just being done by NBM alone, most times other groups kill each other too and we have so many cult groups in Nigeria Universities which you never talked about here rather you focused mainly on NBM.
    Your motive is very suspicious because it’s very clear that you are a rival or against NBM…. write against Cultism in Nigeria not just about a cult group,,, good day

    • najuju says:

      This blog happens to be about NBM, but I have pointed out a number of times that all this is just as true for all the other identical cult groups. In the end though it’s better to expose one criminal organisation than none. I would appreciate if you stopped telling me what to write on my blog. You are free to write your own.

      • richie says:

        Can you tell me a good reason why your blog is about NBM instead of all Cultism in Nigeria? This is actually a good blog, but you focused on one group that shows that you are either a member of NBM that crosses to another color or maybe you just hate amigos well who cares. This is my message for you —- Go fuck yourself you dis sick fuck and stop hiding behind your comp. When you’re writing your next blog, maybe you should think deeply. Waiting for your reply, then you will know that there is a way to know where you are and where you are hiding behind your comp. !!!

      • najuju says:

        If you don’t approve of this blog stop reading it or write a better one. I am tired of repeating myself endlessly, but apparently it doesn’t enter into your brains easily. One can write about the Italian Mafia without also mentioning the Colombian drug cartels, right? One can write about the Catholic church without also writing about Protestants. So why can one not write about NBM without writing about the other shit cults? Because a few criminals feel offended when they are outed as what they are? uuhhh sooooooo sorry. Go fuck yourself too, moron.

      • james says:

        Najuju you are very stupid how can write only on nbm they many other groups who does criminal activities and killings in the schools and society.please if u don’t no what to right going and see moi-moi or plantain chips and stop giving nbm bad names I love NBM with my life I never regreted d day I bcom a member and I’m a very dedicated member.oga najuju if u like give nbm bad names na u no lol we are still moving,we still best nd d smartess so go fuck ur self punk ass shit

      • najuju says:

        You guys already had a bad name before I came around. You always did, and it certainly didn’t come from me. It came from the hideous crimes you guys commit.

      • najuju says:

        You are a fool. Can one not write about Boko Haram without also writing about Al Qaeda? Or can one not write about the catholic church without also writing about protestant church? Make some sense or shut up. By the way I can’t give you a bad name because you never had a good name. Your name was always shitty as a result of your criminality.

  3. African says:

    Since not all members are not as killers, thugs and the lot, why do you now term the NBM a criminal organization?
    From the same forum from which you ‘took’ the screenshots, there are threads discussing ways to curb the violence and clean the NBM of miscreants who have soiled our image. Why did you chose not to post such? You are not being fair.
    Even in your comment above you wrote, ” I would appreciate if you stopped telling me what to write on my blog.”
    Does this mean all you want to do on this blog is to castigate NBM? You are not being fair!

  4. Aye Gugu makati 1 says:

    Najuju weldone I appriciate your effort

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  8. ope says:

    hmmm… Dreadful! I’ve been following these write ups with a scholarly eye and find it a bit enlightening. On the promised chapter ‘conflicts’ none has been seen or said on the history of conflicts which started this sad bloodshedding we have up until today. A detailed write up or an upload will be really appreciated. If too onerous upload and let me sift through the files. Great work! One more question, what has Oba Akezua have to do with this bunch of murderers?

    • najuju says:

      Good evening. The assmen have obviously not written any murder history themselves as they prefer to lie about and deny the murders as much as they can. After all, they are a “charity” haha. How can one even explain such madness?
      Oba Akenzua is used as a strong name in NBM, like Nelson Mandela etc. too.

      • Blake says:

        I am trying to understand the who argument. Is najuju a blog organization against NBM or confraternities in general. I know for sure that these contras where formed by a group of young minds who wanted recognition and competition and decided to choose different names. Pyrates, Buccaneers, Eiyes etc. Why is the NBM the most favorite? The legend i see here that may have affected this Pan-African based organization is economical standards basically gearing my point on education.

      • najuju says:

        Whatever is said about NBM is true for all other frats as well. They are all identical in their deluded madness. This blog focusses on NBM though. Not because they are in any way better, worse or different than the others, but just because it is so. You could see it as a case study.

  9. Black Knight 74 says:

    Emm…. these write ups about the black race is just bogus,most of the info about its functions and operations are incorrect .You have an idea,but most of NBM Constitution is non written,you trying to figure it out is like catching the wind .As you dey so ….you be either inJu wey men don run into before or obonte aye wey just wan kast men …..any which way you be snitch

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