Black Axe cultists are sponsored by Edo state government

As so often the truth can be found not in newspaper articles but in comments about these articles by citizens. Here are a few comments about the never-ending cult wars in Benin City and how people believe they are linked to governor Oshiomole and the Edo State government in general:

“the activities and killing of these fratanities is becoming too much. and if looked closely they are being sponsored by most of our politicians. i think these matters should be addressed with iron hands”


“Only minimal politicians won elections without the help of cultists. Those street rallies you saw along Benin City streets after Oshomole’s elections, almost half of them if not more were cultists. In the Edo State House of assembly only few are innocent either directly or indirectly of occultism.”


“Please where are we going in this country, when a whole gov oshiomole is bribing cultist, for what?”


“Again, I cannot verify this but young, intelligent and well educated Edolites are constantly complaining that “Cult” members are getting jobs/positions in the State even though they do not have the qualifications or necessary skills to do such jobs. As a matter of fact, in an online forum, some Edo people say that more than 95% of the members of Edo House of Assembly (EDHA) belong to one violent cult group or the other. As a result, these different malicious cult groups have hijacked the Government House in a struggle to get their members in key government positions all over the state.


Even though one will probably never see such statements in a Nigerian newspaper, all these comments are ABSOLUTELY TRUE. Cultists ARE being sponsored by politicians. They ARE getting jobs through this channel, and they ARE hired to rig elections. This is not really a secret and the “man on the street” knows quite well what is going on. But proof is hard to come across.

The Benin Zone of Neo Black Movement aka Black Axe received N 3.5 million from the governor “during the governorship election” and N 380’000 from Edo state government as can be seen in a post on the former secret forum of NBM. The post also mentions that the government requested for a list of Black Axe cultists who would be given jobs. A list of 40 axemen went to the government – the original screenshot can be seen here:


This makes it clear why the authorities do nothing against the terror Black Axe and other identical groups spread in Edo state and elsewhere. The terror is sponsored by the government. They are NOT fighting against cultism as they like to say in newspaper articles. Instead they are bringing more and more cultists into the government and other gainful positions by means of  their criminal employment practices. Only in a truly failed state can this level of crime, godfatherism and corruption be unleashed on the people by those who should be serving the people. This is absolutely scandalous.

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6 Responses to Black Axe cultists are sponsored by Edo state government

  1. fimo says:

    What a shame. Edo State is indeed a failed state.

    • najuju says:

      yes it is a shame and a scandal my friend. I hope more and more people will learn about what is really going on and stand up against it.

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  4. okechukwu says:

    what a history. Bam

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