Is NBM a Criminal Organisation?

Some readers have commented that I am not being “fair” in calling NBM a criminal organisation. They have pointed out a number of times that not ALL members are murderers. That’s actually true. But that doesn’t make NBM a non-criminal organsation because:
1) it is a criminal organisation according to Nigerian law (even though NBM have their [criminal] ways of evading the law)
2) members are involved in a million other crimes too, not only killing
3) we are not talking about individual members here but the organisation as such, which is factually all about campus violence, political malpractice, election rigging, nepotism, corruption and last but not least 419 on a massive level, human trafficking, forced prostitution and so on.

Here is just a small collection of evidence in support of my statement so that readers can determine on their own whether or not it is unfair to call NBM a criminal organization:</ref&gt;,4565c2254a,4565c25f58d,42df61462,0,,,NGA.html


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