A Comment From a Reader

In this post I will share an interesting comment a member of NBM made. I appreciated discussing with this particular Lord very much because he is neither deluded nor unwilling to say things the way they are. This makes his point of view valuable for this blog.


NBM as it is, is a powerful organisation like the mafia (funny thing is, that is how the Italian govt refer to them now: the Nigerian mafia). Meaning, they are well situated in high offices and in most positions of power in the political govt. As such, it is safe to say that NBM has its teeth, sinked-in deep in the affairs of the Nigerian govt, which is why their crime wave and their perpetrators, continues to thrive. In all honesty, this is not going to stop. So long Nigeria still have these highly corrupt politicians in position of power who are more than willing to engage NBM/Blackaxe members to achieve their malign ends. Interestingly, the goal of NBM is: social justice and equality for all. Well, apparently the first part of that clause, does not concern NBM as we know it today; neither does the latter. If a movement that seeks justice is above justice, and is gravely involved in injustice, then what is there?

The notion of fighting against a particular thing, virtually, tends to breed more of that which one is trying to fight against. For example, one of NBM’s tenets is to fight against oppression, instead, she is now the oppressor. She is supposed to fight against injustice, instead she is now the perpetrator of injustice in all conceivable form known. It is supposed to fight against nepotism, but she is now the heralder of nepotism in all its forms.

Furthermore, I am of the notion that this problem cannot be solved by the traditional measures that I have been reading about online. Especially, not with more than 60% of current NBM/axe men being stack illiterate. To bring about any sustainable change, proper education and reeducation must ensue. And by proper education, I mean, really teaching each member of NBM/blackaxe to see that the death of a rival cult member is not a loss to that one cult group but a loss to Blackrace in general. If we stand for black race and her advancement, how is the advancement part ever going to happen with more than five death being recorded on average on a weekly basis?

You probably know this already, like every good intentioned ideas, they are bound to be corrupted over time, and it is hard to put safe-guards in place during implementation, to combat the derailing of such ideas.

Additionally, [R]eason and coureage=grace, it says, but most NBM/blackaxe members seldom reason about the implications of their actions, as in the bigger picture. And also, they hardly work with grace, even towards one another, let alone towards a rival group. […]

Also, I am of the notion that, NBM/blackaxe will continue to be blood thirsty because of how it started (that is, the murder temple FJ) and it’s rituals of blood sharing. Scientifically, when you give an animal actual blood, you increase the animal’s desire to want more blood, and in this case, since blood is part of the ceremony, it is only logical that the members are blood thirsty given their rebirth, and constant surreptitious partaking of the said constituents.

At any rate, there’s A LOT to be said of all these and what it means and whether there’s a way forward. For me, if I can be completely honest, I do not see a way forward to end all these blood letting. Especially, not with the state governor of Edo state giving NBM N1.3 million to sponsor her means. The same group that falls under the secret cult Prohibition reform. I do not mean to be a pessimist, I’m just just following the statistical data. The trend will continue as long as corruption is the order of the day in Nigeria. It has become a thing we talk about, but do nothing about. We distaste the violence and evil, but still cherish and reminisce about the ideology of NBM. Yes, the ideology was magnificent, elegant, egalitarian, but that might just be because it is an idea. No one fully knows how anyone will react to an idea, until the idea is acted upon and is continuously acted upon. If you’ve read about ‘the Stanford prison experiment’, then you’ll understand how power corrupts people even when it is well intentioned. […]

PS: I stopped sponsoring NBM/balckaxe for one reason: It is evil to fight evil with evil. Dark cannot eradicate dark, only light does that. Hate does not eradicate hate, only love can do that, and sure violence cannot eradicate violence, only peace can do that. And to know peace, is to know love (by the epistemic sense of the word ‘know’), is to understand that there is no us vs them, me vs the world, but only ONE of us all. As we are all ONE and the same. WE are all from the source, which is GOD/the UNIVERSE.

Much love and respect to what you do and are doing, my Lord.



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2 Responses to A Comment From a Reader

  1. ope2468 says:

    Hmmm…. #Deep and #Ponderous, this is good, thankfully not all Nbm/axemen are crazed… Commenting on all cults I think, de-mystifying them all will go a long way in removing the cloak of invisibilty built around them…
    When they realise that all their signs and insignia is known to all, they will have a re-think, people now know all their secrets, will be able to recognise them and point them out to the police as people who forment trouble…
    This will go a long way in ensuring no more aura of mystery and fear for them.
    Good work Sir.

    • najuju says:

      Thank you for your comment ope2468, much appreciated. I’m hoping you are right and that they can no longer shroud themselves in mystery with everything that has come from that. After all, the truth behind it all is very mundane: insatiable greed for power and money. Sadly, the police are all too often into their game.

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