“Image Laundering”

“Image Laundering” is extremely popular in NBM. The cultists are well aware of their rightfully shitty image, and it disturbs them immensely. But rather than bothering to actually BE good their response is all about PRETENDING to be good. This is referred to as “image laundering”. It seems that they have embarked on a new image laundering campaign again. Since Nigerian newspapers are just as infiltrated by cultists and just as corrupt as the rest of the country, they actually manage to get such nonsense as the one below published every now and then. Needless to say that it somehow lacks credibility when a criminal organisation claims to “promote human rights”. Also needless to say that being used as a mouthpiece for an illegal organisation sheds a very unflattering light on certain Nigerian newspapers. It is also very interesting to note that the Mr Gerald Azonobo mentioned below – a high-ranking member of Black Axe cult – is the founder of a fake NGO that claims in its programme to fight against cultism (http://www.kuth-ng.org/stayaliveproject.html). How mendacious can things possibly get???


AFRICANS sitting on the fence have been enjoined to join the global civil and human rights movement.

The call was made recently by the president of the Neo-Black Movement (NBM) of Africa, Lekki Zone, Mr. Gerald Azonobo, an engineer, during an orientation workshop with the theme, “Civil rights movement as a tool for social and economic change,” held at Nicon Hotel, VGC, Lagos.

Speaking after the programme, he said: “The forum addressed vital human and civil rights issues. The Training & Development Committee created opportunities for participants to highlight members’ and non-members’ needs and to propose strategies to help groups of people affected by human and civil rights issues. The programme offered people the chance to forge relationships for lifelong professional opportunities and civil and human rights networking.”

The event opened with a roundtable consisting of activists and professionals who talked about the past, present and future of the Civil Rights Movement.

He added: “The orientation workshop is open to members and non-members of NBM of Africa to promote civil and human rights worldwide through education. It is intended to equip members and non-members with requisite expertise to execute our responsibilities in an efficient and effective manner and, consequently, succeed in our respective mandates. It prepares us for the mammoth task that lies ahead of us.

“The workshop is a good starting point because it will equip you with knowledge on government systems, processes and procedures, African cultures and history.”



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