NBM: The 2014 Body Count

This is the right time to look back and get an impression of the Neo Black Movement’s aka Black Axe’s activities last year. According to all Nigerian newspaper articles that could be found and were posted here, the activities consisted mainly of killing.

A staggering 100 (ONE HUNDRED) people have lost their lives in cult wars involving Black Axe in 2014.

And these are only the ones that made it into the newspapers.

In stark contrast to this horrible reality, this is the National Head’s new year message to his “glorious movement” members from January 3, 2015:

Aye axemen

The year 2014 has come and gone. As a body and as individuals, we all jumped several hurdles,achieved and learnt a lot.

My greatest joy is that despite all we went through,the Almighty God gave us grace to be amongst the living and to be counted in this great year 2015. A year full of prospects, hope,opportunities and unquantifiable blessings.
I am confident that the height we will achieve this year both as a body and individuals is unprecedented. Let me quickly add that we observe decorum and wisdom in all we engage in,especially with the elections around the corner. Let us all as vanguards set the pace and be law abiding, eschew all manner of rancor and acrimony.

As great ambassadors, commit more positively to the movement, our nation and our respective families. Love is not a “noun” rather it is a “verb”,an action word. Let love reign in our hearts.
My beloved brothers, let me on behalf of my team and NBM worldwide wish us all a prosperous new year.
This is flight 2015 and I welcome you all aboard.

I remain,
Aare Ona kakanfo
National head
Nbm worldwide

The phrases are getting hollower by the year. Will they ever wake up and face reality? I doubt it. No matter how much they lie to themselves and others, a criminal organisation will forever remain a criminal organisation.

Dear members of NBM, take a minute to think about all the wasted lives your criminal “great movement” is responsible for and go hide under a rock in shame. ONE HUNDRED young men dead in just ONE YEAR!!!

bloody painting

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6 Responses to NBM: The 2014 Body Count

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  3. Omoru lucky says:

    Dodorima to all glorious axemen

    • najuju says:

      You comment on a post that describes how your so-called “movement” killed 100+ people in 2014, and you use the term “glorious axeman”?! Forgive me if I question your sanity.

  4. Blaze147 says:

    i don’t blame those jews whom talk rubbish about NBM,because they are jews and don’t what it is.

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