Black Axe Killer Squad: Police arrest cultists over attempted assassination

By: Adeleke Adesanya January 19, 2015

Police operatives at the Lagos police command have arrested some suspected cultists in a matter connecting to attempt to kill a foreign based citizen. Police source who spoke on the arrested suspected hired killers said they are hired assassins. “They agreed to kill a person who resides in London, coming to Nigeria. They charged N5,000,000. The person who contacted them said if they would work for him, they should show the gun they will use.

They brought a small gun, one barotta and a locally made gun. They did know they were negotiating with a policeman. Two of them went to a café to print the picture of the person they wanted to kill.”

Leader of the killer squad, Salami Afis, a generator repairer, in his confession, explained that his shop is located at 17 Mustapha Street, Mushin.

“I am single, I am an apprentice for 2 years and half. Police arrested me because Dare called me. I was just initiated into Aiye cult in October 1, last year. He said there is an election package we will do with a local government chairman. He said he need their friend Kamoni number. Kamoni initiated me cult. I sent his number to him. After two days, he called me that he was with Chairman. I met them in beer parlor on Awawn Street.

I met three of them Dare, Chairman and one other person Taiwo Kareem. They bought two bottles beer for me. They had some meeting but I was not part of it. They had two guns. Dare gave me N200 tom tone. Police said that he came to collect his share of N500,000 that he was arrested

Dare Akinyemi, another member of the squad, said “I am 31 years old I live at Ota, Ogun State, but stay in 279, Olorunshogo, Palm Avenue, Mushin whenever am in Lagos. I am from Ipetu-Ijesha Osun State. I was arrested because one of my Friend Biggy called me, he lives in Sango, he said if I can get drug cocaine with N10 milllion. I inform Taiye that someone gave me a business of drug and I don’t know how to get it. Taiye said he will call someone at Idioro Mushin.

He called the man and said the drug was N30 Million. He later told us that his brother sent somebody or two people to abroad, adding that they duped his brother. That one of them will come back soon that he comes with N50 Million. I told him don’t do armed robbery but I can get assassins. I told him he has to pay advance of N500,000.00.

I am a black Axe member. I called Afis to help me call one person Kamoli because I went to show somebody gun in nylon bag.

From there we moved to Fatai Orunge house. We sat in a bar. I told the informer that I want them to know in details Fatai also brought gun.

The second day, I was called to come and collect N300,000.00 advance at Oluyale, Ogun State.

I and Taiye went to the hotel to lodge. There, SARS arrested us. I have not participated in assassination before. This is my first time. We intend to use the money to do Christmas.

I promise Fatai N10,000 for only showing our chairman a gun.

Fatai Olunje, 43 years, in his confession said “I live at 7 Awawu Street Mushin, I am from Illorin Kwara State. Iwas a welder before. I am in Area command of OPC Fashehun faction in Mushin, I am married with 4 children.

I was arrested because Taiye , my friend called me for a drug business. He said the buyer of drug is in London. He said one man had duped him, he said if the man come to Nigeria, I will be his security to the man. So that if he is moving I will guide him. The man who claimed to be the mans brother said that I should show him a gun to be able to secure the job. I called my friend ‘sky’ living in Ijesha to come with a gun. He brought a gun, I had a pump action gun. The gun did not have license. Somebody bought it for me in 2006.

On a December being Wednesday Taiye called me to collect N10,000.

So on 11th about 3pm I was arrested near my house while trying to collect the money Taiwo Kareem, 37, from Kwara explained that “I am a commercial bus driver plying Apapa-Mushin Ojuelegba I am married with 4 children, I live at 52 Alasalatu Street Mushin, I was arrested because Dare who I usually play with at Buhari Street told me that he want to work with politician. He

talked about drug business. Later, he said the man carried drug money abroad and that the person is coming back to Nigeria with N50 Million. That his brother is in America, that if they help collect the money they will share it into two so we contacted Fatai OPc man for gun.

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