NBM: Lies, Lies, Lies about Killing, Killing, Killing

Once again the leadership of the Neo Black Movement aka Black Axe have embarked on a crude and primitive IMAGE LAUNDERING mission. This is clearly the result of the uncounted murders committed by members of NBM that have made headlines these past months (and in the past 37 years). Of course this is also related to the upcoming elections in which numerous Axemen will be running.

As usual, every single sentence in the following statement is a BLATANT LIE.


Lets have a look why:

1) The individuals and unscrupulous elements they are talking about are NOT unrelated to NBM. They are initiated members of NBM. They are by no means impostors.

2) They do not commit their crimes IN SPITE of being members but BECAUSE of being members. Their criminality is a direct result of the brainless supremacy and ruggedity teachings in this evil cult.

3) NBM aka Black Axe is banned by Nigerian law for this reason.

4) Members of NBM are generally NOT law-abiding citizens, neither in Nigeria nor in the diaspora. Firstly, they are members of an illegal organisation which contradicts being law-abiding per se. Secondly, most NBM zones are literally crime cells everywhere in the world (cybercrime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, violence…). The same is true for the people who wrote this statement.

5) NBM never had a “good name” that could possibly be spoiled, and it’s psychopathic that their image is their only concern in all this.

6) NBM criminals never have been and never will be reported to law enforcement by their fellow axemen. This would be considered “betrayal”, which is equal to a deadly sin in NBM.

7) Instead, NBM criminals have been bribed out of prison by the big guys in the cult uncounted times. They have various fellow cultist politicians and lawyers to “settle things” for them.

It is a total mystery why they continue with these crude lies in public when proof of the contrary is all over the internet and everybody in Nigeria knows what they really are. Instead of seriously acknowleding and addressing the problem they do what they always do: LIE & DENY.

What they say about this matter IN SECRET among themselves is a totally different story though that can be found here:



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8 Responses to NBM: Lies, Lies, Lies about Killing, Killing, Killing

  1. This is quite a crude tactic. I’d say the oldest trick in the book but I’m not sure there is a book that bad that would teach this as been a trick. I’d be horrified if anyone actually fell for this bullshit. Great analysis though for anyone without the brain capacity to see what’s going on.

    • najuju says:

      it is very crude as usual. They’ll apparently never learn.

      • Freedom says:

        najuju why are you obsessed with NBM? I believe NBM is not the only secret cult in Nigerian Universities, it makes me wonder why you dedicate so much energy and time to write all this about NBM and nothing about other cult groups or is it something personal, you seem to be writing in anger, I will love to see your research about other cult groups in Nigeria if really you are interested in educating the society of the crimes committed by cult groups in our society, NBM is not the only cult group in Nigeria and your blog is only making them more popular and making more people interested. That’s if you understand the curiosity of the human mind.

      • najuju says:

        how often is this DUMB question still going to be asked on here? Can one write about the Catholic church without also writing about Protestants etc.? There’s your answer. If you want an equal amount of research done on the other cults feel free to jump right in. I’d be more than happy about that.

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  5. Benjii147 says:


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