Nigeria: Edo North Rainbow Coalition Dissolved Following Infiltration By Politicians

LOL how ridiculous yet unsurprising. Only in Nigeria would a bunch of illegal cult groups – that are usually busy killing each other – be able to form an offcicial coalition and then be instrumentalized by politicians.

Ekpoma — A body of confraternities, Rainbow Coalition of Nigeria, Edo North chapter, has announced the dissolution of the coalition following what it termed infiltration of its ranks by politicians.

The coalition is made up of Neo Black Movement, Supreme Eiye Confraternity, Green Circuit Association, Brothers Across the Nation, Norsem Club and Jurist Confraternity.

In the interim, a council of heads of the confraternities will assume responsibility of the Rainbow Coalition for a period of six months within which a non-partisan body is expected to be inaugurated.

A document signed by the interim president of the coalition, Frank Alyaya, interim secretary, Omokhudu O, and seven others, said that the Rainbow Coalition has derailed from its set objective of maintaining peace in society. The council among other shortcomings, noted that members of the coalition, rather than being peace ambassadors, have became willing tools in the hands of desperate politicians as they engaged in negotiations with the politicians running into millions of naira with the promise to deliver them in their elections.

It stated that the coalition has become factionalised and politicised decided to immediately take step to dissolve the body as it would spell a dangerous trend and lead to a breakdown of law and order if not quickly checked.

It reaffirmed its commitment to peace and used the opportunity to urge members of the public to collect their permanent voter cards in order to be able to participate peacefully in the forthcoming general elections.

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