False Murder Charge And Arrest Of Innocent Obosi Boys

February 19, 2015

It is a most grievous event in Obosi kingdom today that cultists are killing people and innocent people who were active in anti-cult activities are now the ones being hunted by police. Cultists killed 9 people in March 2014 and another 5 people this year in January 2015, yet no arrests of the real known killers have been made. Instead, a man called Emeka Ofoagu who is a known cultist/fraudster conspired and made false allegations against some of the same people who have been currently engaged in the fight against past and recent cult assassinations in Obosi.

To prove the character of the said Emeka Ofoagu, in late 2014, he, in the company of one Onyedika Onwuemelie attacked Mr Maduabuchukwu Obi with machets seriously wounding and maiming him. The victim of the highly vicious attack, Mr Obi, received pints of blood at a hospital in Obosi in order to survive. He was badly mutilated. The regrettable assault was incidented at Obosi police station and the vicious criminal, Emeka Ofoagu, was declared wanted. It was therefore a most harrowing news for Obosi people to learn that, Emeka Ofoagu, the same criminal wanted for attempted murder was acting as a pointer for arrest on account of  murders committed by his fellow cultists.  Naturally, the first person he pointed out to be arrested was Maduabuchukwu Obi, the same man he recently assaulted with machets and maimed.

It is worthy of note that while the brutal past-midnight arrest was taking place with SARS,  Emeka Ofoagu, the police pointer, was having a field day brutalizing and stealing from the victims in all five places they went for arrest. He stole handsets ,jewelry and money from the wives and families of his victims. On the same night of 28th Jan 2015, they arrested Maduabuchukwu Obi,  Ekene Okafor,  Maduka Chukwura,  Benedict Agwuegbo and Onyedika Anyaoku.

In all five homes visited that night, the brutality meted out to these innocent young men was staggering. Even after their arrests and detention, the torture they were given by men of SARS is blood-curdling. Maduabuchukwu Obi was hung up by one arm and one leg with a car tyre weighted with heavy irons around his waist for hours. Today Maduabuchukwu Obi cannot walk. He was released for medical attention. The other four are still in the custody of SARS. We understand that the accusers are displaying a photograph with a group of boys in red T-shirts with 4 of them stark naked portrayed to police as the very cultists killing people in the town.

We shall always unequivocally, maintain that the said photograph is a 2011 funeral shot taken at the burial of Chibuzo Obiegbu who was murdered by hoodlums during a crisis in 2010. Without denying that there may have been random cultists in the photo, it must be well noted that cultism was not a binding or unifying factor in that picture. It was a very emotional funeral of a slain youth and “Red T-shirt” was generally declared as dress code by youths for that day. The naked boys were paid the sum of Five Thousand Naira  each as a gimmick by the then youth chairman named Tochukwu Nnebo.

Logic and common sense dictates that no group of cultists would be foolish or naive as to array and expose themselves in such manner in a group photograph. Obosi kingdom, though vast in size, it’s people are gregarious in nature, sharing close-knit villages where everyone virtually knows one another. The relatively ‘very young boys’ who killed 5 people this January are very well-known by the people. The list of their names is with the custodians of the town. Even the Town Union branch chairmen have been keeping tab of these unfolding events with great regrets and grief at the instance of gross victimization of innocent people. These five men arrested and tortured are all married with children and were all dutifully engaged in anti-cult struggle while the real killer-cultists are still at large, hiding in incomplete or abandoned buildings in Nkpor uno. We want to state categorically that any more arrests with the criminal Emeka Ofoagu list would be further gross and unpardonable abuse of human rights. We hereby plead for the immediate release of the other four men: Ekene Okafor, Maduka Chukwura, Benedict Agwuegbo and Onyedika Anyaoku.

The leader of the cult group killing people is a young boy called Chukwuemelie Onugha alias Onugbu. Though there is a rival cult, we found out that unlike the March 2014 inter-cult killings, the 5 killings in January 2015 have been committed by Onugbu’s cult group, Black Axe (Ayes). Ps. The criminal, Emeka Ofoagu , works for the same faceless people who have been sponsoring cultism for self-centered reasons.

Early this morning been Thursday 19th February, 2015, SARS and their pointer Emeka Ofoagu broke into the homes of Collins Iwenofu and Onochie Tagbo who happens to be a relation of Chukwudi Iwegbuna who was killed by Chukwuemelie Onugha alias Onugbu. SARS is accusing them of masterminding the gruesome murder of the boys killed by the cultist. It is a well known fact that Anambra State SARS under CSP James Nwafor has no respect for human rights and disobey court orders.

We the Obosi Indigenes are calling on the relevant authorities to call CSP James Nwafor and his boys to order and also to release the detained boys.


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