Breaking News: Four aides of Oshiomhole arrested for cultism, terrorism

No wonder the arrests of fellow cultist politicians are a “big shock” to them. It’s certainly not because they are surprised to have evil cultists in their government, no. It’s because they are responsible for them being there. Now see them squirm and lie to save their own asses.
So “cultism in whatever form negates the values Comrade Adams Oshiomhole holds dear”. Oh right, haha. I guess that’s why he has paid Black Axe millions of Naira to rig his election ( ). That illustrates “his zero tolerance of thuggery and any form of political violence over the years” quite well. To further demonstrate his zero tolerance for cultism he supported the “Rainbow Coalition”, a platform for all illegal cults ( ).
The governor should definitely be the next one to be arrested, along with hundreds of cultists be brought into government positions.

OshiomholeMay 14, 2015 7:44 pm

Indication has emerged that four aides of Governor Adams Oshiomhole were allegedly arrested for cultism would be charged with  “terrorism”.

A source at state police headquarters in Benin City who hinted Quick News Africa correspondent on the charges said the aides included a Senior Special Assistant, Executive Director and heads of agencies.

The government officials were among 11 suspected cult leaders arrested  in the state last Tuesday.

They were alleged to belong to Eiye, Black Axe, Buccaneers, Aiye and Jurist confraternities.

A Police team  led by the Deputy Commissioner of Police in-charge of Federal Special Anti-robbery Squad, FEDSARS, Chris Ezike had  stormed the “cultists”  hideouts and successfully arrested leaders of cult confraternities for alleged complicity and murder of 10 Nigerians in the last one month in Edo State.

When contacted for reaction on the charges, The State police spokesman, DSP. Joseph Nwochei said investigation was still ongoing.

According to him, the outcome of the investigation will determine  charges that would be preferred against them.

Meanwhile, Edo state Government yesterday discribed the arrest of the suspected cult leaders as “big shock”.

The government’s reaction in a statement issued by the Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Mr. Louis Odion stated that  “While it is inappropriate to jump to conclusion until police investigations were concluded, let me put on record that cultism in whatever form negates the values Comrade Adams Oshiomhole holds dear.

“This is easily verifiable from his zero tolerance of thuggery and any form of political violence over the years.

“If found guilty, be assured that the Comrade Governor will ensure the rule of law prevails against officials involved.

“We encourage members of the public to cooperate with the police to rout out cultism from our neighbourhoods and communities”, he said.

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One Response to Breaking News: Four aides of Oshiomhole arrested for cultism, terrorism

  1. We maybe dont know it yet but I think this year has been the best year in Nigeria’s history. A huge turning point not only in the war against cultism but also in the war against corruption, nepotism and organised crime.

    In the past few days there have been no fewer than 67 arrests of cultists in Edo State. It is a fantastic step forward.

    Not least due to the arrest of the so called “untouchables” working within government in the State such as Aigbedo Osunde aka Lord Bizingo of the Neo Black Movement.

    As we speak cultists are fleeing Edo State in the wake of the arrests.

    It would all be reason for excited celebration had it not been news set against the back drop of close to 30 murders in only a couple of weeks due to cult related violence and killing. Without the action of every State within the country the cultists will just move into States either more lenient or even more under their control than the State they leaving. We should send a clear message that it is not only Edo State they are not welcome.

    Also last month saw residents in Warri voting overwhelmingly against cultist kingpin Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo in the house of assembly elections. Warri made it very clear they didn’t want to turn a blind eye to cultists such as Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo (otherwise known as Lord Aare Ona Kankanfo… Head of the mafia Neo Black Movement) taking up increasingly worrying large amounts of positions of power in government, banking and the judiciary.

    They are lots more cultists hiding in plain site. Spread the word to stand up to these thugs.

    There is no such thing as an “invisible cultist”. 67 arrests in Edo State only is not enough!

    Read more at:

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