30 Cultist Killers Are Found To Be Auchi Polytechnic Students In Edo State

New Force PRO DCP Emmanuel Ojukwu

New Force PRO DCP Emmanuel Ojukwu

Edo police have confirmed that 41 suspected cultists, including 30 Auchi Polytechnic University students, have been arrested for allegedly killing members of the public and destroying property.

Eleven of the suspects are alleged cult leaders. The rest are students and artisans who have played various roles in the recent crimes plaguing Edo State.

Police spokesperson, Emmanuel Ojukwu, said the suspects were nabbed by an anti-cultism team recently set up by Inspector General of the Police Solomon Arase.

“This afternoon, I am presenting before you some persons suspected to have played ignoble roles in acts of terror, and vicious inter and intra-cult conflicts that have led to loss of lives and destruction of property in Edo State,” Ojukwu said.

“The suspects who are leaders of cult confraternities are being interrogated for their conspiratorial involvement in the murder of ten Nigerians.”

Ojukwu also mentioned that pictures of Nigerians with “RIP” written over their faces were seized.

The Black Axe Confraternity, Nosman Confraternity, and Judas Confraternity were among the names of the cults involved in the killings.


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