NBM / Black Axe Convention 2015 in Lekki

So even after a large number of NBM cultists being arrested in Edo State this month, NBM aka Black Axe are shameless enough to announce their upcoming convention in public as if they were a respectable organisation. Let me point out once again that this group is ILLEGAL ACCORDING TO NIGERIAN LAW. NBM is a worldwide mafia.

Since this is the case, this convention would be the perfect occasion for the special squad against cultists to make a trip to Lekki and get a hold of a few hundred more criminals.



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14 Responses to NBM / Black Axe Convention 2015 in Lekki

  1. Reblogged this on bemigho147watch and commented:
    Indeed an opportunity not to be missed…. hopefully IGP will turn up and arrest a few more hundred assmen.

  2. ifeoluwa says:

    U’r a fool man….u no ba man if u no show up mumu…na krf go sqeeze life out of u

  3. kayode ademola says:

    big fool u nor know your self death await you and i will see how much the nigerian government will give to your death body….

    • najuju says:

      well well. Your post doesn’t shed a very flattering light on yourself and NBM. But that’s nothing new. I haven’t counted the death threats I have received from assmen since I started this blog. But as you see I’m still alive and kicking.

  4. Your father says:

    So as long as we the MEMBERS OF NEO BLACK MOVEMENT WORLDWIDE and if you read your constitution as amended by 2010 law your big foolish brian says Nigerians have the right of association. Study your law very well ….and stop been a snitch. Even your so called friends will betray you someday then you will know Dead men dont talk.

  5. Chicago says:

    Here we are, nafool! No one can stop us, we are a moving train. We expected your men. Or maybe your blog is rather useless. Because i just see this blog as an avenue to wage war of hate on NBM, but you are just making a fool of yourself. You must be a member of one of those cult groups out there terrorizing the Nigerians and oppressing people to earn a living. NBM is an open organization fighting for a course. Even the so much and everyday celebrated government have flaws too. So short comings are one of human characteristics. You should go lower to the EIYE cult group and call those secondary school graduates and street urchins to order rather than waging war on vices bent on re-framing the ideology of african youths entirely. Najuju, be wise and stop wasting your already wasted time.

    • najuju says:

      Your delusion and idiocy knows no limits. So you think I would stoop as low as you assmen and bring in “my men” to cause bloodshed? Forget it. I’ll leave that up to you guys until the last of your sick lot are rotting in prison.
      The “so much and everyday CELEBRATED government”?? What, seriously? What planet do you live on? Who has ever “celebrated” that bunch of corrupt crooks and thieves that call themselves our government?
      By the way it’s funny that you mention street urchins and secondary school kids cultists…. I have seen this to be the main complaint within YOUR cult. But yeah, it’s the old assmen game, we know it, and it’s lame.

      • Olorunferanmi says:

        You’re d Blog Admin, U’re anti NBM. You already made it clear. This is more than a normal beef. It’s mutual. If you’re checked we will find out that you’re a member of a rival or so.

      • najuju says:

        Oh lordy, look what cultism has done to your brain. You are not even able to think outside your demented cultism box anymore. What a small, mentally encaged world you live in. How limited your horizon is! You’d realize that if you were capable of checking me. Which you are not 🙂

  6. madiba says:

    i ponder y u choose not to address the main issue instead of attacking the nbm an organisation which has always preached a say no violence has watch word…nbm is a platform wich brings people from all works to life with a common ideology n goal of interest which is to continue the black heritage culture of Africans by Africans…I tink many people in ur shoes are only ignorant of the fact nbm is not a confranternity but an NGO

  7. Ikemba says:

    Lagos – A Federal High Court in Lagos on Monday partly granted a motion by members of the Neo Black Movement of Africa (NBM), seeking enforcement of their fundamental right. Justice Mohammed Yunusa granted an order for a declaration that the applicant, being a duly registered incorporated trustee, had a right to peaceful assembly and association. It will be recalled that the applicants had filed the suit in August under the aegis of Registered Trustees of NBM of Africa. They had filed the suit alongside three members namely, Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo, Great Albert and Dr Mayor Onyebuyeke, for enforcement of their rights under order 2 rules 1 to 5 of the fundamental rights enforcement procedure rules. Joined as respondent in the suit is the Inspector General of Police. The applicant is seeking a declaration that the indiscriminate arrest and detention of its members by agents of the respondent was unlawful. They are also seeking a declaration that the parading of its members by agents of the respondents on television as common criminals was a breach of their fundamental rights. When the matter was called on Monday, counsel to the applicant Mr Anthony Orunkoya, informed the court that the matter was slated for ruling. Delivering his ruling, Justice Yunusa granted prayers A, B and C of the applicant. “From all the evidence before the court, the first applicant is a registered organisation with the Corporate Affairs Commission. “The second to fourth applicant have the constitutional right to belong to the first applicant being a registered organisation under the laws of Nigeria. “NBM of Africa has a right to admit any person that is so interested as a member in exercise of his or her right under Chapter 4 of the constitution with respect to freedom of association. “Therefore, prayers A, B and C of the applicant are hereby granted,’’ he said. In prayer A, the applicant sought a declaration that being a duly registered incorporated trustee in Nigeria, it had a right to assemble and associate freely by virtue of section 40 of the constitution. In prayer B, the applicant sought a declaration that the indiscriminate arrest of its members by the respondent was a breach of their right to personal liberty. In prayer C, the applicant also sought a declaration that the parading of its members by the respondent on national television as criminals was in breach of sections 34 and 35 of the constitution. In their affidavit in support of the motion the applicant averred that the NBM was formed in 1977 in Benin City as a human rights organisation. The applicant averred that on July 6, policemen from the Lagos State Police Command, Ikeja, stormed the venue of their meeting at AY Hotel, Ogba and arrested two of its members. According to the applicant, the members were made to sit on the floor, and were asked to pay some amount of money if they desired not to be taken to the station. The applicant averred that on July 7, another set of policemen also besieged the venue of their meeting and again, arrested some its members. According to the applicant, the police alleged that their gathering is unlawful. The applicants therefore, want the court to declare the arrest, detention and parade of its members as unlawful.

    Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2015/11/court-grants-neo-black-movement-motion-to-enforce-fundamental-right

    • najuju says:

      So? Truckloads of assmen have been arrested since for their crimes and simply for being assman cultists. Furthermore that bullshit is just another fine example of Nigerian corruption. 1) use the assmen in the court and other contacts, pay a good amount and get a bullshit statement by the court like the one quoted, 2) pay a newspaper to publish the rubbish.

      I’m missing the part where it says that NBM aka Black Axe is removed from the list of prohibited groups. Fine, you have a corrupt assman in the court, we get that. It means nothing though. The assclown assmen will continue to be arrested just like before because they do the same shit as before.

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