An open letter to the president by NBM. The comedy continues!

The Neo Black Movement aka Black Axe have published an open letter to President Buhari, IGP Arase and the World. This was the result of arrests of their fellow cultists recently. The Black Axe cultists have now made yet another effort to spread a bunch of bullshit lies and launder their image. As if they ever had an image that was anything but horrendous. Actually they should know by now that everybody knows better and that they won’t get away with it. But no, they really are that deluded. So let’s have a look at the newest lies (needless to say that they are very old lies and proof of the contrary is everywhere).

NBM of Africa is an association registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) – Reg No 7729. NBM is a global organisation present all over the world, across continents. Our membership cuts across all ethnic definitions and is open to all upright and law-abiding citizens. Our activities include humanitarian and public health initiatives in communities where we have a presence. NBM works to eradicate all forms of discrimination, oppression and neo-colonialist ideals. Our vision is to stimulate the ambition of members and prepare them for their greatest usefulness in the cause of humanity, freedom and dignity.

Nope. They forgot to mention here (as usual) that NBM is BANNED, ILLEGAL, PROHIBITED under Nigerian law. They also failed to understand that a member of NBM cannot possibly be “law-abiding” when NBM as such is illegal. Furthermore NBM can not provide an atom of proof of working to “eradicate all forms of discrimination, oppression and neo-colonialist ideals”.

In Nigeria for example, NBM through its various committees has instituted various humanitarian projects such as providing free eye medical care treatment and free medical check-ups/treatment for the aged in Ijebu Ode, Udu-Warri, and very recently Omoku in Rivers State to mention but a few. It is our cardinal objective to support and be involved in democracy and good governance. This explains why, during the global outcry of xenophobic attacks recently in South Africa, we had peaceful marches in three major cities in Nigeria (that were publicized) where letters were read and presented to that country’s high commissioner in Lagos. The marches were simultaneous with those we held in South Africa and our other units in the Diaspora.

Nope. They fail to mention here that members of this “great movement” are responsible for more than 100 deaths in 2014 alone .

kil for movement to grow

see also:

They fail to mention that their “charity” activities are purely image laundering campaigns ( They do nothing sustainable but only hand a few naira to a “less privileged” for the sole purposes of taking photos of them doing so. The biggest joke is their claim to work for good governance, when their only role in politics is rigging elections and being paid by the governor to do so, furthermore to install their own criminals in various government positions.

As a group, we have collaborated with state governments in the past in promoting education by donating books to schools etc. We have also collaborated with the Nigeria Police Force by donating equipment that will aid them establish law and order in Nigeria. We have collaborated with Nigeria prisons, government hospitals and private NGOs in providing amenities that will bring aid and promote development in Nigeria and the world. Our group chapters in the diaspora are also involved in developmental projects in Nigeria and in their host countries.

Nope. In reality, they were paid by the government to rig elections. In reality, they have a bunch of their members in the government as well as in the police force, which enables them to operate outside the law. The group chapters in the diaspora are involved in nothing but crime, including cybercrime, human trafficking, drug trafficking and so on. They certainly do not contribute anything good to their host countries or Nigeria.


Our constitution and by-laws do not in any way condone violence or any form of criminal acts. We will continue to prosecute and expel any member who does anything to promote social ills in any form or becomes an agent of murder. We want to use this medium to reiterate that NBM is not a violent or criminal organisation. The only outfit we are affiliated to is UHURU International Foundation which is an outfit for our charitable activities. It is a cardinal policy of the movement to actively collaborate with progressive Black liberation movements and other related legal organizations whose aims and objectives are in harmony with that of the organization.

Nope. Biggest bullshit ever. Firstly, while the constitution may not condone violence, it also doesn’t make much sense because it is not enforced. It’s a load of hollow phrases, as usual. If it were enforced every member of NBM would have to be deaxed simply for being a member of NBM, because NBM is illegal and a member of it is therefore not law-abiding. Apart from that the common assman doesn’t care about that constitution anyway. They are only interested in their brainless machismo, killing, and scamming. Of course they fail to mention here that they are not “affiliated with” Uhuru foundation but that in reality this foundation is just another cover they use. It is just another name they use to hide behind and create a secret forum on the website that is open only to assmen.

It efforts are in conjunction with other philanthropic organisations to positively affect the lives in poor communities. We strongly emphasize that our objectives are set out to abide by the constitution of our land and that of any of our host country. We will stand to defend the laws of the land at all times and ensure that our objectives and activities do not contravene the laws. We are law-abiding citizens and responsible members of the society. Our good deeds apply to all persons and groups regardless of race, religion or tribe.

Nope. Massive bullshit. A murderous frat is now a “philanthropic organisation”? haha. If these fools could only understand what they are writing. Defending the laws of a country by breaking them? NBM as such is illegal for crying out loud. Killing, scamming, robbing, drug trafficking, rape, forced prostitution – all illegal! It is for a reason that it’s prohibited.

NBM has supported and will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies where there is evidence to investigate and prosecute anyone (members or non-members) found to be sponsoring, instigating and committing criminal activities and violence that threaten society and all of us.

Oh right. Hahaha. If that were the case all of them would be rotting in prison. Even their top members like the national head Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo and the national crier Udo Richmond are yahoo boys. Yes indeed, stealing via the internet is a crime, too.

We want the general public to be aware that any person or group of persons involved in criminal activities claiming to be members of NBM do(es) not represent NBM and hence we disclaim such persons. They are impersonators like there are fake soldiers, policemen, etc. In fact, we have made a duty to fish them out and hand them over to security agencies. In addressing this issue as a group we have embarked on a recertification programme and are now issuing ID cards to only bonafide law-abiding members. We want to categorically state that NBM was not and will not be involved in any crisis in any part of the country and even in the recent ugly events in Benin City.

LOL LOL LOL. Bullshit galore. If this were true none of them would “represent NBM”, including their president. Let’s have a look at how they were “not” involved in any crisis, not even in Benin…

comment to nh no more war scores selfcritical axeman croonies

More to be found here:

NBM of Africa is not and has never been a cult group and has no relationship to/with Black Axe or any violent organisation. NBM is not Black Axe and does not share values with any student group or confraternity as we abhor violence.

Now it’s getting REALLY ridiculous. Everybody knows that NBM is Black Axe. Undisputable proof of this has been published uncounted times. How can these fools still believe that they can convince anybody of this crap? It doesn’t matter if you call it a cult, a frat or whatever. This is not about words. It’s about facts. And the fact is that NBM is identical with Black Axe and always was. The fact is that NBM has a “temple” at almost every Nigerian university. The fact is that NBM is a worldwide mafia and a bunch of criminal liars.

nbm ba official small disfigured More about the facts here:

We therefore urge the Nigeria Police Force not to frustrate cases that would have solved this problem or be misled to antagonize groups or innocent individuals that can help in this regard. To handle cases like murder, armed robbery, kidnapping and others as cultism is most worrisome. Such criminals must be prosecuted and punished as a deterrent to others. This is our position as an organisation.

They forgot to mention 419 scamming. How convenient ooo. Mention it and every single assman would have to be prosecuted and punished. I urge the Nigerian police force to continue their recent good work and arrest as many assmen as possible.

We are currently aware of impostors/impersonators and criminals posting information on the Internet to misinform the general public and blackmail our members. The general public and other appropriate authorities should ignore and report information from faceless impostors/impersonators who we suspect could be expelled members of the movement.

LOL LOL LOL I feel honoured to be mentioned in an open letter to the President and the highly respected Solomon Arase as I am one of the so-called faceless impostors. I know it is way beyond the imagination of the common assmen that the truth can be told for the sake of it. They obviously don’t even know the meaning of the word “blackmailing”. Dear assmen: Bring out proof of it you idiots. You know damn well that there has been no such thing as blackmailing. If any of us had blackmailed you, you would at least be in possession of our bank accounts and thus our identity. Which is – to your great dismay – not the case. I know that you don’t like the truth about your disgusting mafia to be out in public, and I also know that your main grief is that you haven’t been able to behead us yet. Keep trying, assmen.

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7 Responses to An open letter to the president by NBM. The comedy continues!

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    Najuju, true talk i hail u ooo

  2. the boss says:

    najuju you are sick,why all this…….seems you want to lose your life… .stop this rubbish before it’s get outta hand,simpleminded lad

    • najuju says:

      tough luck for you. I won’t stop until NBM stops lying in public, killing, stealing, scamming, raping, robbing, rigging elections and cheating their way into government positions. Whether you like it or not is not my concern.

  3. kess says:

    Guy man..Najuju. I no blame yu say yo mouth contain all the dirty wey come out from d mouth. Nah bcus yu and N.B.M feel say nah childs play. Make una two no worry. We are coming for you all. BLACK AXE!!!

  4. Obi Emmanuel says:

    Najuju u bam wise man with wise talk i hail u

  5. anonymous says:

    so, like this na SM get this site…

  6. Sesugh snob says:

    Freedom is good but,its not good for us to castigate.

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