Strong Names in NBM

Due to frequent requests I present to you a list of the TOP 35 STRONG NAMES IN NBM ranked by popularity.

A so-called strong name is given to a new member of NBM aka Black Axe during initiation. They come in many versions due to misspellings and intentional alterations of names which are however standardised in the list below.

SN stats

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153 Responses to Strong Names in NBM

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  2. Reblogged this on bemigho147watch and commented:
    Insightful stats

  3. Am a member of neo black movement of africa

  4. SM says:


  5. bronw says:

    juw name brown form k.b high temple,
    dodorima to all gloryous axe men

  6. ruddy says:

    ju’name Rudi’ bm B.h.t dodorima to all Black Race of afrika (N.B.M)

  7. jaja says:

    juw name ikay from Kiriji high temple, Dodos to all glorious axe men worldwide……

  8. hackhet lee says:

    Jew name hackhet from olumo high temple ( kudos to glorious all axe mem wordwild )

  9. Jew name Oluwaseyi....... SN ibn godidi says:

    Make krf quard all men all over the world, because what thier even turning this movement to now peason no dey even understand again

  10. ese says:

    y u dey cast na who u dey tell

  11. sunny says:

    Juw name Sunny ,strong name Nelson mandela KBHT

  12. Greetings my fellow lords,Respect to Nbm worldwide i am lord kanjaki de second naraguta(futo)bam 1996,later mi head jasper rechange the s.n,ju Lawal,am solidly not happy with the situation on ground.what i have done for nbm,only my fada K can pay me back,infact a boy that worth my sons mate i’ll come and stand with them in a perfect cirlce,recpect to those that fall for the cause of nbm my prayer is for them,and political thuggery and omila hell remain there case,i remain LORD KAMUZUBADA,outing soon respect to all real men NABAM,do you know the meaning?

  13. hildaese says:

    Fuck all Black Goats worldwide, una roasting time don reach, next phasing out process begins July 7 2016, gbagam elimination don start. Ranters without focus soso pidgin english dats why na soso 3rd class and pass full una imperfect circle

  14. Peter says:

    Dodorima to all sm

  15. George George says:

    Jew name george, strong name aye desmond tutu dodorima for all axe men

  16. Anyim Michael Terhemba Murdoch7 says:

    Dodorima to all glorious axe men worldwide strong name aye Santos Kabaka blended Takuruku high Temple…butcher base on regulations

  17. Equal right and justice says:

    i see no equality and justice.wetin d new boys way dy join d movement now dy do no b something to talk about, na to dey kill people way dem suppose dey protect all in d name of color …We need peace not 147

  18. jonatha says:

    Jew name Jonathan. From.b.k. High temple say.dodos to all glorious axe men world all men are potential…

  19. woliwo says:

    Sn Aye emperor hiale Silesia Many are called but few were chosen. Dodos to the chosen ones

  20. woliwo says:

    SN aye emperor haile Silesia ofuobi H T, Dodos to the real men, Una bam

    • slow says:

      Bros them why men just they cash there s n jews day this room make men do wele wele o

      • hitman says:

        All man wey I’d 4 diz platform na thick obote n u wey post diz levu 4 ere e no fit beta 4 ur mama!Naxo una dey pufff anyhow base on sell out! No worry e go soon touch ur mama!

  21. chained tiger says:

    hmm just passing bye anyways,

  22. Martin Luther says:

    Korofo blessings to you all

  23. Micheal Black says:


  24. CHRIS TUCKER says:

    Please SM’s if you observe a post like this., ignore
    But if you may comment on it, comment with usual terms and words. If una kast every every wetin remain?
    Men go dey drop OT dey ID for open site.. Been seeing it repeatedly on sites
    Please let’s mind how we comment on public sites.

  25. sanmoricacid says:

    ju name sanmoric0147 chief priest idi Ogun ht 2015/16 session say coast clear for all men our way go dey pure oo , as back tyre no dey meet front tyre our enemies no go meet us

  26. agwa cyprian bem says:

    national greetings to all axe men Jew name Benzino from sewm HT DODORIMA

  27. obk says:


  28. Bob says:

    Make men dey use dia brain nd OT properly, y una go dey cast for public like dis? No be online casting dem tk dey know who wise ok.. Mk men omilele for hia.. Abeg mk una dey use brain put 6 before 7.. I hail my fellows..

  29. Ju name Henry Molocho says:

    I want to know the meaning of Bubuyeye in NBM

  30. Moore7 says:

    NBM worldwide

  31. Links says:

    Ju name “Links” from Kenneth Kanda High Temple.
    Kudos to all Black Axe Members.

  32. dexter says:

    ISOKO subzone needs orientation,national body help,obontes are ruling!!

    • omo oba says:

      Ju Name omo Oba strong name professor Samuel ugugi wationgo from gwandana high temple dodo to all axe men may k F be our stenght

  33. Cyril says:

    Una no get sense at all.. This website dey cast NBM, and some of una no dey OBS am, instead una dey follow dey cast am, dey here dey LG OT , which kind men una be self ? Make men use their 6 here before 7. I surprise say 1996 blend self still dey follow cast OT online. I shame for una.

  34. Manza says:

    I greet all the men in the house but please make who na use brain okay

  35. Chijioke says:

    Dodos to all strong/wise men,my fellow amingos worldwide. I great you all.Lord Chijioke from Zambezi High temple.Ma y Krf guide you all.

  36. Kaster blanker says:

    Evrybody abeg make una mind the way una dey comment for this public site. NBM nor be child play… And besides na ju plenty pass for here.. But e go over dem very soon..

    • najuju says:

      In fact, NBM is child play. Or what would any reasonable person call it when grown men create a religion of sorts out of the random nonsense a few drunk students invented 40 years ago?

  37. oke says:

    The fools don’t even notice that this is an anti-NBM blog. Ayes my ass men. Simple sense una no get. Killing and raping people is your trademark. May your Korofo be chained and cast to hell where it belongs. Idiots!!!!

  38. Henry says:

    What is the meaning of bubuyeye in the neo black movement of Africa. I have been worried about this, based on the fact that I was given Bubuyeye as a strong name in Kalakuta in 1991.

  39. kunta kinte says:

    Dodo to all glorious Axe men all over the world my sexy amingos korkor for una I am not too happy with the casting of NBM online but also I dey marvel say Kunta kinte no dey the strong name when we know he’s one of the founding fathers of NBM.

  40. Aremu says:

    dodos to all amigos and all my lord, all u na bam, aiye fela anikulapo kuti

  41. Rawcity says:

    Say no to change of name

  42. Power Philips says:

    Ju name Power from futa jallon high temple… dodorima to all amigos………… krf on guard

  43. petit147 says:

    See as men dey here dey telele,una no get orientation at all,even lords dem dey loseguild dem self here,I bliv 6 before 7.all of una na obontes.una dey here dey I’d for public site even lordys sef.una need to checkmate and balance. Dodos to all glorious axemem worldwide,may baba k guild us all….isheeeee.

  44. Timmy says:

    I regret having some men in dis public site as brodas u cornerbams ahv turn uhuru in2 luggages ad captivities dull sets of immates callin urself axemen u re castin wat is suppose 2 b a secret in2 d outta world ad non bams ll b using d ot it nt gud obs b4 u reason anytin secretive dis site is an anti-nbm site wch helps 2 sell out our secret 2 other jufrate wch is wrong nbm is a secret tradition not a public affair use ur brains even some obote lord are contributin 2 out downfall wch wont work gud bye

  45. jnwalter says:

    i wonder y men de spoil our race wit all d rubbish wey den de write for dis site nawa ooooo,abi na byforce to i.d ni ,funnist part be say sum men no fit i.d for p.c na for here den go de try rubbish…..make men try amend ooo for beter muvment.

  46. Fred says:

    All of una no get sense i swear
    Person dey cast NBM OT una dey here dey ID instead of una to shun the stinking Jew down..
    Aye mi brother watin dey happend?
    Why men dey lose guiad like this ?
    Najuju nah stinking Jew when hate NBm why men still dey comment dey ID who una dey ID for?

  47. futureduke says:

    Jew name Future from Ogb HT say doodoz to all freedom fighter worldwide….

  48. Eze makaveli says:

    Nawa for men oooo.6 dey come before 7 na.which kind casting be dis one na..make una no dey id online.when wise men turn to obote.e no sexy oooo.jn makaveli obizi extension 1

  49. me says:

    what going on,why are you making pepole feel we don’t know what we doing,NBM is for intellectuals.stop rubbishing our tradition before jus and jurex.

  50. Xt says:

    Please is there any name like inbingo indidi or may be I did not get the spelling well?

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