The Devil to Investigate Sin – The Benin Zone Crisis

This is another very interesting post by a blogger friend that once more exposes the mafia practices within the highest ranks of the Neo Black Movement – and how these cultists have managed to create themselves an environment in which they can operate outside all laws with impunity.


The Neo Black Movement National Head ‘Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo’ has formed a committee to “investigate the Benin Crisis”. By his logic i’m assuming the crisis of NBM been arrested by the truck load and the tentative legal position the NBM holds in the State. This assumption is based on the order for all Benin Zone members to surrender all NBM uniforms, insignia and documentation to their Zone’s National Eye immediately. This of course due to the law stating:

Any person who has in his possession or custody of under his control any of the insignia, documents or other property belonging to a secret cult, or wears any of such insignia or is marked with any sign or symbol of a secret cult, or undergoes any rites or takes any oaths of a secret cult, shall be presumed, unless the contrary is proved to be a member of that secret cult.

The real…

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2 Responses to The Devil to Investigate Sin – The Benin Zone Crisis

  1. Najuju, thanks for the re-blog. Also thanks for been able to identify the author and distinguish me from one of those waffling babble-alot know nothing goats we call the assmen. Some people today really have demonstrated they dont know their assman from their elbow. So it’s good to hear from you. Stay safe.

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