Black Axe, Buccaneer lock horn in Lagos, set cars, buildings ablaze

September 27, 2015

A group of cultists suspected to be from Black Axe cult, Sunday, reportedly attacked properties belonging to the father of a leader of a rival cult group, Buccaneer,located beside Omoleye hospital in Ogijo, Ikorodu, a Lagos suburb.

According to reports, the suspected cult group not only set the building ablaze, they were said to have also damaged two vehicles parked in the compound at Ogijo. They allegedly poured petrol on the building and lit it, keeping watch to ensure it was completely razed.

A resident on spotting the building which was already burning, informed firemen at Ikorodu, who got to the scene on time to put off the fire. The firemen were, however, obstructed by the cultists who threatened to burn them and their truck if they did not vacate the premises.

Reports further reveal that the groups have allegedly had several clashes in the neighborhood, destroying properties and valuables. This attack by the cult group had forced residents to flee their homes for fear of being hurt.

The state fire service director, Rasaq Fadipe, while confirming the incident, said he got the report at about 10:26 am.

He explained that someone ran to the station to report the outbreak and firemen moved to the site to contain it, but that some boys came around and halted firemen from quenching the fire. He added that the hoodlums threatened to burn the men and the truck if they did not leave the site.

Fadipe further stated that he had no idea why the building was set ablaze, but he learnt it belonged to the father of a rival cult member.

Credit: Daily Post

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