The Nigerian Mafia: Black Axe/NBM in Italy

The following article has been translated from Italian to English with Google translator and is therefore a bit hard to read. It describes how the Neo Black Movement aka Black Axe have started to cooperate with the local Italian mafia. Their crimes in Italy include prostitution and drug trade, massive violence and many others. In November the court in Palermo will be dealing with several members of the Neo Black Movement aka Black Axe aka the Nigerian Mafia.

Nigerian Mafia: The pact with Cosa Nostra, ambushes with the axe, and blood drinking

| 19 October 2015


In the realm that was Riina and Provenzano, challenged for the first time the aggravating mafia to a foreign organization. The group Black Axe controls drug dealing and prostitution to Ballaro with the approval of the local bosses. The investigation started with a showdown with strokes of dark and machetes. The symbols and rituals of affiliations emerged in previous processes in Brescia and Torino.
It is not the story of a family of Cosa Nostra, made of “soldiers” and Mafia bosses, boss fugitives and repentant killers and sentinels of the store. It is not the story of a gang of Camorra away, that crossed the South Italy affixed to put the business in the land of Sicily and strengthen alliances with the “dome”. Has nothing to do even with the “escapees”, families massacred by the second mafia war in the 80s, fled the United States and from there reappeared in Sicily in the year two thousand. Yet the latest investigation of the prosecutor in Palermo has however revealed the existence of a criminal mafia, with leaders and followers, initiation rites and business methods of violent conviction, protected from the most archaic form of immunity: omerta. Only with the Mafia Riina and Provenzano, the massacres and the heroin business, it has little to do.
After a century and a half of history related criminal Cosa Nostra in Sicily, there is in fact a new Mafia, which has taken root in Palermo, weaving alliances and laying down the law in the narrow streets of the old town. Here are the new boss from afar, do not speak the Sicilian, and their organization has a name and a history established in another continent: they call Black Axe, and was born in the ’70s at the University of Benin City, Nigeria, as a brotherhood of students. At first it is a gang somewhere between a religious association (called cults) and a criminal gang, which establishes initiation rites and requires their members to bring a hat, a beret with a skull and crossbones, as the symbol of the pirates. For some years, however, the tentacles of this new criminal octopus arrived in Italy, where the Nigerian bosses have started calling the shots in the suburbs of cities such as Brescia and Torino: drug dealing, prostitutes and management of a regime of terror very similar to the one that is the trademark of the mafias of our house. “I draw your attention to the new criminal activity of a group of Nigerians belonging to secret societies, banned by the government because of the violent acts of hooliganism, but unfortunately the former members of these sects that have managed to enter in Italy have re-established the ‘ organization here, mainly with criminal purposes, “he said in an informative Nigerian Embassy in Rome of 2011. And now, for the first time, the prosecutor of Palermo contested the aggravating mafia boss to Nigerians.

Palermo investigators begin to realize that under Mount Pellegrino is a new dangerous mafia gang on January 27, 2014: one night in via del Bosco – Ballarò quarter, one of the oldest market in town – Two Nigerian citizens are attacked punched, kicks and surgical an axe by six countrymen. That the agents of the squad can see in the dark is a gruesome scene: the end of the punitive expedition, in fact, the two victims are marked with a deep cut, probably executed with a machete, that scars the upper part of the face.
Investigations s’indirizzano suffered three other nationals from Nigeria who live in the narrow streets of Ballarò: Austine Ewosa, called Johnbull, Vitanus Emetuwa, called Acascica and Nosa Inofogha. “We’ve beaten them because they harassed my wife,” says Johnbull, the head of the three: an excuse used often in other Italian cities to justify the fights between Nigerians. Ballarò is, therefore, only a settling of scores between countrymen? Prosecutors Gaspare Hospital and Sergio Demontis, however, do not believe it: it is discovered that Johnbull is not only the leader of the trio, but probably also one of the bosses of the Black Axe in Palermo. Ballaro is his kingdom, and is one of those streets that run Johnbull and his drug dealing, threatening and killing all those who want to place the “stuff” without submitting to the band.

But not only. Because prosecutors are asking a question: how is it that in Palermo a foreign organization operating an entire neighborhood without godparents, those who hold the historic districts citizens have nothing to say? Giovanni Di Giacomo is an authoritative boss, a mobster from robust criminal history, made his debut as the focus group of Pippo Calo: today is held for life. Outside prison maintains, however, yet its influence: the point he can do appoint his brother Giuseppe regent of the clan of Porta Nuova. A task that will not last long, since 12 March 2014 Giuseppe Di Giacomo was killed in broad daylight in the streets of the neighborhood Zisa. But he had already started moving godfather, to direct the extortion racket, and to report everything to his brother held during the intercepted conversations in prison.
the boss in jail: “I will wait for the house to talk, ask …”
In one of those conversations, Giovanni Di Giacomo asks about Ballaro, the historic district in the city center. “There are the Turks,” said his brother, and Palermo for over half a century when someone says “the Turks”, refers generically to people of color. This is why Di Giacomo inquires: “What the Turks?” “Nigerians” explains the boss of the Porta Nuova. “But they are respectful – he added – I will wait downstairs to talk, ask … and then store these”. A statement that, for the investigators, explains clearly how Cosa Nostra in Palermo has given its green light to the presence of the Black Axe Nigerian territory. And that explanation, “this store,” it means practically that the back alleys of Ballarò Nigerians “respectful” retain huge amounts of drugs, with the blessing of the families of Cosa Nostra, now decimated by arrests and short of soldiers loyal to check each corner of the city. That’s how the soft underbelly of Palermo has become today the district of Nigerian gang, complete with a blessing of the heirs of Riina and Calo. And it is for this reason that the prosecutors of the prosecution have decided to contest the band Johnbull the attempted murder and drug dealing mafia aggravated by mode.

And while in November the court in Palermo will process for the first time a group of Nigerians contesting that he acted in the same way the mafia is almost three years that the secret agents of the logo, the agency for internal security, compile information on Grabriel Ugiagbe, Nigeria 33, boss of the first level of Eiye, another major Nigerian criminal organization, which has often sparked feuds against the men of the Black Axe, only to return to foster alliances in the name of one goal: Business.

This is what makes Ugiagbe: manage drug dealing and resolving thorny issues arose between his organization and other foreign mafias in Italy. And so Ugiagbe became an authoritative boss between the gangs of half of Europe. From his residence in Catania, in the district Librino – where it has located Franco Viviano’s Republic in November of 2013 – moves continuously abroad, in Austria and Spain, but also in northern Italy, a land of conquest for the Nigerian mafias already for several years.

Prior to the survey of Palermo pm, before the information services on the boss based in Catania, the first notes of the embassy in Lagos, two Italian courts had issued convictions for criminal association against Nigerian gangs, always the same: Black Axe and Eiye. In 2009 in Brescia are sentenced to 416 bis, with sentences ranging from 5 to 7 years, twelve people, the “dome” of the Mafia in the Nigerian city of Lombardy, driven into town by Frank Edomwonyi. “They avail themselves of the power of intimidation of the associative, and the condition of subjection and conspiracy of silence which asserted itself in the observance of strict internal rules of respect and obedience to the directives of the vertices with anticipation of sanctions for non-compliance also corporal, in claim by affiliates of payment, mandatory and regular, predetermined amounts of money for the purposes of the local group and for the purposes of the parent Nigerian “, writes in his indictment the prosecutor mafia Paul Savio, who in his investigation turns out also as the membership of the Mafia family foresaw a particular ritual: drink human blood, reciting strange invocations.
The prosecutor of Brescia Savio discovers how the membership of the Mafia family foresaw a particular ritual: drink human blood, reciting strange invocations
Much like the archaic form of affiliation to Cosa Nostra, which included a cut on the finger to make it bleed, and an oath pronounced as a sacred image was made to burn with that blood. In Turin, the Nigerian mafia has taken root in years: in 2010 were convicted of criminal association 36 defendants, clansmen Black Axe and Eiye, with sentences ranging from 4 to 14 years in prison. In Turin, in fact, the Black Axe and Eiye come into collision course already a war breaks out in 2003, it fought in the streets of the town with knives, machetes and axes, which is wounded on wounded and attracts the attention of investigators. It seemed an isolated case, a gang war that stopped just at the outskirts of Turin: and instead now the Mafia made in Nigeria came to take root even in Palermo, the same city that saw the birth in spite of the Octopus.

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3 Responses to The Nigerian Mafia: Black Axe/NBM in Italy

  1. keku gehard says:

    Hi, i want to donate or offer the following soul unto you blood drinkers . Emmanuel Broda Kofi Arku i donate to you for feasting. Thanks. Sincerely Yours, Gehard,

  2. Dino Carlucci says:

    It seems to me that La Cosa Nostra cannot contain this so called Black Axe they have become a serious threat growing bigger and more ruthless.

    • najuju says:

      No doubt about that. They have their criminal hands in everything from drug trade to immigration fraud to human trafficking and forced prostitution. Law enforcement in Italy and in every other country they have infested with their criminality should crack down on them hard and fast.

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