CORRUPTION: NBM Of Africa Makurdi Zone Presented Mikano Generator to Benue State Police Command

Only in Nigeria…. an organized crime group makes a donation to the police to “help them fight crime”. Or should we rather say to help them overlook the numerous crimes of assmen in the future?

And they don’t try to hide this blatantly obvious act of corruption (“I scratch your back so you scratch mine”), no, instead they publicize it.


August 17, 2016

The president of Neo Black Movement of Africa makurdi zone and his EXCOs presented a mikano generator to the state command in Makurdi Benue State.

The Commissioner of Police Benue State command received the offer and thanked the Neo Black Movement of Africa, Makurdi Zone and NBM world wide for this noble project.

He also vow to collaborate with NBM in fighting crime in the state.

See more pic below!

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