July 9, 2016

Onyeka Nwelue, a Visiting Assistant Professor at Manipur University and Visiting Lecturer at University of Hong Kong challenges the Neo-Black Movement, a secret cult group whose members in Nigeria are popularly known as axe men or black axe movement to live positively in the society or shamefully cease to exist as a recognised association.
In a post displayed on his facebook wall, the scholar who is alleged to be a member of the group declares the following after receiving goodwill messages from the cultists:

‘DON’T INBOX ME after reading this if you are an Axe Man and you feel offended. You won’t like me.

Yesterday, the Neo-Black Movement of Africa, known as Black Axe (or Axe Men), were all over my feeds, shouting, ‘Happy 77!’

I shook my head in shame.’

Giving reason for his vituperation, the popular writer and critic declares that:

For one, there is no significant invention by any Axe Man. No Axe Man has won the Nobel Prize and no tangible contribution to humanity in general. There is no Axe Man that I can look up to.
No single inspiration from that group of young people who should focus on eliminating a corrupt political society, rather find solace in battling themselves on the ‘streets’ and killing themselves with knives.

He continues, ‘you see there is no morality in what you are professing if you leave the shores of Nigeria with your yeye cultism to go and practice it in Italy (on the streets of Rome, abusing people and breaking bottles) or in France (wearing your yellow socks and shouting AYE AXEMEN!) or in the US (living illegally) or in India (throwing people out from balconies)’.

He ended his venting by daring the group to have a change of  operation as he himself cannot be harmed ‘Is anyone insulted? Does anyone feel insulted by what I am writing? You can’t do anything to me. No. Your balls are so fragile – in fact, the Axe Men I know can get angry, but if they are going to sit and watch the political class of Nigeria destroy Nigeria, they need to stop celebrating and remain a SECRET CULT.’

People have however expressed fear about the safety of the scholar as no one is known to have publicly attacked the group and remained safe. Like the Neo-Black movement most cults group in Nigeria have no agenda and positive impact in the society. They are notably known to b involved in different violence against the innocent, other cult groups, and always hired by politicians to rigged elections as well as harm perceived opponents.


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