Canada Indict Nigerian Cult Group “Black Axe” in Global Crime Syndicate

Mar 7 2017

The Toronto Police Deputy Chief, Jim Raymer of Specialized Operations Command said it has busted an international criminal syndicate that specializes in stealing cars from Canadian homes and shipping them to various parts of Africa. The cars stolen from the North American country is estimated to be worth $30 million, and the syndicate traced to members of the Black Axe, a secret cult that emanated from Nigerian Universities.

The Police in Canada believe that the Black Axe Movement have grown into a huge world syndicate with high stakes in crimes such as stealing, drugs, and forcing victims to pay protection money.

Back home in Nigeria, cult groups which used to be the exclusive preserve of tertiary institutions have grown to into Nigerian streets, with many young secondary school students and street urchins belonging to either “Black Axe”, or “Eiye” Confraternity and many more dangerous groups. Women too has their own cult groups such as Jezebel, and Pink ladies.

Deputy Chief Raymer in a press conference said that the police working with its both local and foreign partners were able to bust what he referred to as “multi jurisdictional crime investigations that culminated in the series of arrests and search warrants”.

The police operations was coded “Project CBG”, and among its findings is that the syndicate has “direct links to a notorious, organized group known as the Black Axe, originating in Nigeria.  Black axe now has international reach and is known for engaging in lurch fraud and money laundering scams”.

Raymer said: “Project CBG began in April of this year (2016) as an investigation into a rash of vehicle thefts occurring in some of our more affluent neighborhoods here in Toronto. The major crime task force took charge of this investigation and was assisted by organized crime units and major crime units from 22 division, 32 division and 53 division.  As this investigation progressed, it became apparent that these were more than just some petty thieves that were hot wiring cars.  In actual fact, investigators began to uncover evidence of a sophisticated organized crime ring with international reach that specialized in stealing high end brand vehicles such as Lexus, Acura and high end Toyota motor vehicles;

The individuals involved in this ring were not just the thieves themselves, but included persons that were offloading vehicles, truck drivers, shipping company employees, and blacksmiths;

I can advise that the stolen vehicles which were conservatively estimated at a value of $60,000-80,000 were being removed from people’s residential driveways for eventual shipment to destinations in Africa via ports in Montreal and AL facts.  Leading up to yesterday’s rate, investigators estimate that this group was responsible for stealing approximately 500 SUVs in Toronto and other parts of the country. In terms of Toronto specifically, we believe that this ring was responsible for 10-15 percent of the total volume of vehicles that were stolen in Toronto this year;

In the vast majority of cases, the vehicles were stolen from the residential driveways as people were asleep at home.  To put this in perspective using a conservative estimate again, the value of the vehicles stolen by this group amounts to a staggering sum of $30 million.  In the course of project CBG, investigators were able to recover approximately 200 vehicles, primarily from shipping containers destined for Africa, representing an approximate value of $11 million;

And I’d like to also acknowledge the Spanish and Belgium authorities who assisted our investigators and were able to retrieve some of the vehicles from container ships.  I can further report that during a course of yesterday’s arrest which involved the execution of 36 search warrants and 175 police officers, there were 18 individuals who were arrested, 6 remain outstanding on arrest warrants, an additional 10 stolen vehicles were recovered, a total of 640 criminal charges were laid, additional offence related property that was ceased included numerous stolen car parts, digital equipment including laptop computers used to program the key codes, 2 tractor trailers, a blacksmith van and a fully operational  truck shop in the western Detroit.

Beyond the property related to the thefts, investigators also located illicit drugs including cocaine, heroin as well as illegal fire arms, specifically a shot gun and two semi-automatic rifles and ammunition.

It is worth noting that this particular group was determined to have direct links to a notorious, organized group known as the Black Axe, originating in Nigeria.  Black axe now has international reach and is known for engaging in lurch  fraud and money laundering scams.  Just this past October, our service participated in an international investigation and the individuals linked to the Black axe were alleged to have laundered an excess of 5 million dollars.

Wikipedia said “Black Axe Responsible for the involvement in the murders of at least 200 people in 2014 and partaking other criminal activities around the world such as international smuggling of drugs, extortion, human trafficking and prostitution, counterfeiting of identity documents, cloning of credit cards, cheque fraud, 419 fraud, robbery, rape, murder and are used by politicians as ‘hired thugs’. In Italy they have recently been classified as a ‘Mafia’ organisation”.

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