The shadow of Nigerian gangs spreads across Europe

Good! Another country (Switzerland) is becoming aware of the Nigerian Mafia a.k.a. Neo Black Movement a.k.a. Black Axe. The article states that it is still unknown whether or not they are present in Switzerland. Without doubt they will soon find out that NBM does indeed have a zone in Switzerland and they are up to no good – like everywhere else.


(translated from French using Google translator)

9 January 2017

A new wave of African prostitutes is accompanied by the appearance of female pimps linked to mysterious criminal organizations. Federal police investigate the phenomenon carefully

New figures have been attracting the attention of the police in Lausanne for a little more than a year: middle-aged Nigerian women, regularly surprised by “turning” around much younger compatriots who are involved in prostitution . “Their behavior is doubtful but we do not have enough to open investigations about them,” says Arnold Poot, responding press of the Cantonese police Vaud. We are content to be attentive to their operations. “Attentive to the case where these women are” mamas “(or” madames “), namely, in common French, pimps.

The number of Nigerian prostitutes has increased rapidly in the capital of the Vaud region, according to the police to 20 or 30 and pose as serious competitors of their Cameroonian colleagues hitherto majority of African women. And it could well be only a beginning in these times of great migrations from the black continent to Europe. Nigerians formed the largest contingent of immigrants this year on the Mediterranean coasts of Italy, with some 38,000 arrivals. And among them, there are more and more women: 1500 in 2014, 5633 in 2015 and some 3600 in the first half of 2016 alone.
Snippets of Confidences

Strange population. Almost all of these Nigerians come from the same place, the State of Edo, a region that nevertheless represents only 2% of the population of the country. And most of them disappear mysteriously from the reception centers where Italy tries to regroup the cohorts of immigrants who land on its shores. They are interrogated when they arrive by the police, but they are then particularly unfriendly. As if they were talking to the devil.

By dint of investigating, police officers, researchers and journalists all the same ended up snatching scraps of confidences. A confession that all tell the same story. A miserable childhood in one of the least developed regions of Nigeria. A family unable to support the needs of too many children. Then a “nice lady” or a “friend” of the father who arrives unexpectedly and proposes to one of the great girls a job of babysitter or waitress in Europe. The dream.
Debt and black magic

The adventure quickly takes an unpleasant turn. The unfortunate woman begins her journey in the hovel of a sorcerer who undresses her and takes from her body hair, pubic hair, nail tips and pieces of skin that she encloses in a small box. The girl was supposed to practice a rite of white magic, intended to guarantee her a good journey: she finds herself in full ceremony of black magic, forced to promise the reimbursement of her travel expenses to the mysterious network that took care of her. Otherwise, the spirits, to whom it has just offered itself, will make it mad or will kill it. And this, wherever it is on the planet.

Then it’s the start. “Some young women fly to Europe,” says Stephan Fuchs, a Swiss Nigerian immigration specialist and founder of But this is a luxury. The overwhelming majority took the dirt road to reach the Mediterranean, before embarking on frail slippers in the direction of Italy. In either case, they travel preferably in groups and are in principle accompanied by a person responsible for taking them to their destination. ”

“The course looks very well,” says Anne Ansermet, co-director of the Association for Support to Victims of Trafficking and Exploitation (Astree), in Lausanne. Young women do not care. Transportation, housing, papers: all the necessary supplies are provided to them as they progress northward. Upon their arrival in Italy, the person who accompanied them dies for a while before recovering them. They are only required to lie to the authorities, claiming to be of age and traveling alone. ”

The work that awaits these girls is very different from what they were promised initially. Obviously, this is prostitution. The least unlucky discover it when they arrive in Europe. The others are already experiencing it during their crossing of Africa. In Libya in particular, where some remain imprisoned for months in brothels. If the least naive had understood from the beginning what use they were made of, no doubt no one imagined the terrible conditions in which they were to be condemned to exercise it.
The “mamas” at the heart of the system

At the heart of these organizations are “mamas”, former prostitutes who “succeeded” and, after paying off their debt, became pimps. They play a pivotal role in the Nigerian slave trade. They are most often the ones who go into debt to bring and maintain girls. And it is they, consequently, who receive the gains and rage against their worst performers. For more efficiency, says Stephan Fuchs, “they form Ladies Clubs which allow them to help each other from Zurich to Palermo, for example by exchanging their young women.”

But the world of prostitution is particularly complex. The “mamas” also collaborate with other networks to carry out their activities. And this, both in the country, to recruit girls or make fake passports, than in Europe, to house, transport and even punish their employees. The Spanish police have slightly raised the veil on this kind of cooperation by stopping last year, during the dismantling of a network of prostitution, several members of a Nigerian fraternity named Supreme Eiye. And the Italian security forces did the same in November by putting under lock and key some twenty members of another secret society, the Black Ax, also active alongside “mamas” in the trafficking of human beings.
And in Switzerland?

Are these organizations also present in Switzerland? Are they helping or even directing “mamas”? It is too early to say. But their appearance on the Old Continent has become a serious subject of discussions within the competent services. “We heard about it for the first time a year or two ago,” says a specialist from the Federal Office of Police (fedpol). In a foreign investigation, we were aware that a pimp would have repaid a debt to members of a fraternity. Nothing of the kind has been found on Swiss territory. But we are attentive to the phenomenon and we have undertaken to study it, in particular by multiplying exchanges with colleagues from other countries through Europol. ”

Nigerian prostitutes under the influence of “juju”

Young women who abandon the pavement are convinced of being pursued by obscure forces. The omerta. This is the word used by European police officers to describe the attitude of Nigerian prostitutes they question about their routes. “Girls” speak virtually nothing, even less than their colleagues from other nationalities, who are also confronted with brutal organizations. It is because of the unfortunately classical fear of being subjected to violence by their pimps, to the equally paralyzing fear of reprisals being struck on their relatives who have remained in the country, there is a third terror, more mysterious to eyes of Westerners: that of black magic.

Nigerian prostitutes have been bathed since their earliest childhood in the animist religion. A religion which presupposes the existence of a wide range of minds, some beneficent, which are evoked to attract luck or healing, others bad, which are mobilized to impose obligations and punish those who escape from it. When the candidates at the start are put in the presence of a sorcerer who takes parts of their bodies, hair or nails, and carefully arranges them on his altar, they are convinced that they have placed themselves under the power of dark forces and To incur the worst punishments if they betray those who led them there.

Educators and other social workers who struggle in Europe against the Nigerian trafficking are desperate. Even when they have managed to put the unfortunate people to safety, they feel anxious … and not only for their families. Many of them are so convinced that it will happen to them that they develop serious psychosomatic disorders. Mangs they attribute not to some interaction between the body and the mind but to the magical power of the ceremony to which they attended, the “juju”.

In southern Italy, where these cases are now numerous, many speakers today consider that the best parade for these anxieties is not to try to reason young women: too little chance of success. It is to engage other sorcerers, even Christian clerics, to practice a counter-rite, in order to interrupt the spell.

Fraternities become criminal

Nigerian organizations such as Black Axe have recently appeared in Europe. But they already have a long history in their country of origin

The “Black Axe”, the “Supreme Eye”: these unusual names are slowly making their way into the lexicon of European police to take place alongside those of “Cosa Nostra”, the Sicilian mafia, or the “Camorra”, its Neapolitan counterpart. But they have been known for decades in their native land, Nigeria, where the entities they designate took various forms before soaking into crime.

These organizations are the result of a particularly tortuous evolution. Their story begins with the creation of a student association, the Pyrates Confraternity, in 1952 at the University of Ibadan. The seven founders – brilliant elements including the future Nobel Prize winner of literature Wole Soyinka – aim to fight against colonialism and defend African culture, while fighting the factors that divide and corrupt in their eyes the Nigerian society , Tribalism in the first place. Secrets and rituals of student fraternities

The Pyrates Confraternity shares with Freemasonry the taste for secrecy and rituals. It is so remarkably successful that the candidates flock: very good students, devoted to the African cause, but also, in the course of time, less good elements, especially interested in the relations that such an association allows to cultivate and, The material benefits that flow from it. Twenty years after its launch, the organization chased from its ranks a handful of adherents guilty of having broken its principles.

This is the beginning of an exuberant proliferation of student fraternities. Far from being discouraged, the excluded from the Pyrates Confraternity take advantage of the circumstances to create a dissent, the Buccaneers Confraternity, to recruitment less elite. In Benin City, in the south, soon appears the Black Axe, which separates soon after Supreme Eiye. Elsewhere the Supreme Vikings Confraterniy, the Klansmen Konfraternity and many others emerge. The medium is transformed. These new groups introduce voodoo practices into their ritual. At the same time, many of them lend a hand to the dictatorship by violently attacking the left-wing opposition on the campuses, before converting, on the return of democracy, into the arms of a myriad of politicians And businessmen.

The fraternities involved receive weapons and protection in exchange for their support. All the levers that the most corrupt of them use now to carry out all kinds of criminal activities within and outside the campus, from robberies to kidnappings, through racketeering and procuring. So many issues that also exacerbate the rivalries between gangs, to the point of provoking many deaths on the spot.

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