Trafficking of Women and the Nigerian Mafia

4 January 2017

(Translated from Italian using Google translator)


“Black Axe” – the most powerful and feared Nigerian mafia that has taken root in Europe and controls, in addition to drug trafficking, the commercialization of the bodies of hundreds of girls from the densely populated African state. Girls forced to “beat” in every corner of the continent. Nigeria is a nation rich in oil fields infested by Islamic terrorists of Boko Haram and exploited to the bone by Western oil companies. And it is in the oil fields and natural gas fields that did this criminal organization now also in southern Italy. The “Black Ax” was hit, for the first time, like the mafia association in 2007, the prosecution is of Brescia; then the same thing happened in Turin in 2010, and finally in Palermo in November of the year just ended. The African mafia initiation rites, hierarchies, rules of conspiracy and punitive systems as traditional factions of our thing and ‘Ndrangheta. In the group we enter co-opted and the tasters of followers takes place only after they showed ferocity and courage. In Calabria Nigerians mark their presence by managing prostitution started taking advantage of the flow of migrants. Among the foreigners entering the ports there are, in fact, the girls intended to sell the body along our roads. Often accompanied travel, incognito, by affiliates to the association.
In the northern part of the region, and covering the portion between Cassano, Corigliano and Rossano, “work” about thirty women from the south-east of Nigeria. They are all victims of “trafficking” and follow strict rules imposed by the godfathers of ” Black Axe “.
But how the infernal mechanism of subjection? Every prostitute signs in the city of origin a real contract by which undertakes to give back to the organization 50.000 euro equivalent to the costs incurred to make them make the journey to Italy. The future “Firefly” is then assigned to a guide – called “trolley” – that helps to go through various states (Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast) to reach Libya. From the beaches of Tripolitania she then embarks on rafts intended for relief close to the international waters (and not only) of the military units of “Frontex”. Set foot in the Peninsula, it is then abandoned by the “trolley” and delivered to a “Madam”. It is a woman of the same nationality, made salary from the organization, which instructs on how to behave and that, on a monthly basis, will collect the money destined to pay off the debt by € 50,000. The suffocating control over prostitutes and based on physical and psychological constraints threats. Who does not respect the pact puts at risk the safety of the remaining relatives in the homeland and becomes also the subject of rituals and curses – the result of animist religious culture – destined to lead (these beliefs) to death. A sexual relationship with a Nigerian on the road Statale 106 Ionic coast of Calabria from 30 to 50 Euros, depending on the performance. The victims of trafficking, which generally are between 20 and 30 years, they can free themselves from their condition of substantial slavery collaborating with the police. But this happens very rarely. The Nigerian mafia does not hesitate to punish them severely. The “Black Axe” has cruel “shareholders” which are delegated “dirty” operations: they are called “butcher” and perform the functions of thugs. These are men capable of anything. All ” Black Axe “must in fact an almost obtuse loyalty. And who betrays pays with his life.

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