Voodoo Rituals and violence. How the Nigerian mafia manages prostitution

By Tiziana Bagnato

6 January 2017

(Translated from Italian using Google translator)


We are used to seeing them beat on our roads. Undress even when temperatures touching zero, with a blank expression in his eyes, almost lost. They sell for 30, maximum 50 euro. It is the young Nigerians who crowd the streets of Rossano, Corigliano, Lamezia. Few, however, know the criminal mechanism that manipulates them, the system of violence and suggestions which they are forced into. To draw the line the Black Axe, the Nigerian mafia, which connects the Arcangelo Badolati, in a survey published by the Journal of the South, covers mechanisms and harassment.

Their chains begin well before arriving in Italy when they end up in the hands of the godfathers Black Axe with whom agree to pay travel expenses to get to Italy selling their bodies. Fifty thousand Euros the sum that the Mafia bosses bragging of having to employ to bring them in Italy. Women are entrusted to an intermediary to accompany them through the various African countries, up to Libya and then to Italy, where to receive them find a Madam. She ‘s the deputy female figure to educate them on how to prostitution and to requisition at the end of the day what has been collected to pay off the trip from Nigeria.

To keep the girls under tension and stifle their attempts at rebellion, the Black Axe uses psychological and physical violence. It uses thugs professionals, whose job is to tame the rebels. He comes to threaten to death their remaining relatives in Nigeria and making voodoo rites. A patchwork of violence, retaliation and magic rituals that make few are those who turn to the police.


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