Camorra, that’s who are the new “Casalesi”

10 April 2017

(translated from Italian using Google translator)

The so-called “Nigerian mafia,” which in Italy, in Castel Volturno in Caserta, one of its main operating bases, and similar to any other organization Camorra-mafia, such as the Casalesi clan, and therefore its members they are liable to prosecution for criminal association (Article 416 bis of the penal code). This was established by a decision of the first of its kind in Italy, the Naples Court of Review has issued arrest warrants in jail for six members of the African Mafia, belonging to the group known as that of “Eye”, or of “Neo Black Movement” or the “Black Axe”; in the cell, for criminal association, they ended character of the criminal organization first floor which has its headquarters in Nigeria and branches in other African States and several European and non-European countries. Those arrested, residents in Castel Volturno, are not Nigerian, but originating in Ghana and Liberia, two countries where the Nigerian mafia and ‘present and where they come from many immigrants in the town of Caserta coast are gone join the organization. The decision of the Review and ‘also a “victory” of the DDA in Naples – substitutes Alessandro D’Alessio and Ilaria Del Sasso Worm coordinated dell’Aggiunto Giuseppe Borrelli – who already’ in 2016 I try ‘to challenge the Mafia group Nigerian; I can not find legal quell’impianto ‘agreed the magistrate of Naples ordered that’ the arrest of 22 members of the group but not of the Camorra crime. The investigative office appealed the Review and proved him right. The investigations conducted by the police of Grazzanise Station and the Society of Santa Maria Capua Vetere led by Emanuele Macri ‘, and’ found that the various components of the association had a clearly defined role in relation to various activities’ illegal, often committed to damage compatriots in dense communities ‘African Castel Volturno, along the lines of “Italian” clan, which impose their control primarily on where they live: there was, cos’, who took care to manage the prostitution racket , who that trafficking and drug dealing, who provide false documents or doing robberies and extortion, often at the expense of fellow countrymen.

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