The Neo Black Movement of Africa is a controversial (to say the least) Nigerian confraternity. Most choose to call it a dreaded campus cult.  But whatever we call NBM it is definitely not what they call themselves. And this is where we are getting to the point of this blog. I am going to have a look at such contradictions and the evidence in support of one side or the other in order to identify the truth about NBM.


black axe painting


28 Responses to About

  1. juelame Babo says:

    Dodo,s to all glorious Axe me my podi my sexy and my chairman insah Ake akemen no go fall forward ever backward never to all gloriose Axe men !… Sudeanta Kaita say dodos

  2. Luxlucia says:

    Dodorima to all glorious axe men all over the world wide, orimado to all my melody’s, NBM na forward ever,, backwards never, all axe men go proceed, ahead ahead

  3. Luxlucia says:

    Limpopo H T says dodorima to all axe men world wide,

  4. freedom men says:

    Dodorima 2all axe men

  5. Biggest says:

    Fools, bunch of idiotic elements

  6. osita says:

    najuju i greet u baba hw e b?bro plz am in india now ,bangalore to be specific and as you know metal day is fast approaching please if you knw any sm in india bangalore i would like to hook up because me wan flex ma metal day oooo….please i need a sharp response to ma email. realbuzidre@gmail.com thanks n kfo bless u..u bam……

  7. Kobo kabka says:

    Kobo kabka frm zmz h t;,,,,,,,,,,sa orima 2 al one for seven nd lso gib tnx 2 d Immortal Invisible KRF 4 d Ability . Ahead 777

  8. Kobo kabka says:

    Kobo kabka zmz h t says Dodos to all AY wdwi,, up ahead wid 777

  9. LATEEF says:

    i great u all MY AXE MEN WORDWIDE

  10. YourDeath says:

    Yu fools who una dey greet, una no see say this nah either impersonator or injew? @najuju i don’t have to take down this page, i have better plans

    • najuju says:

      I’m sure you do 🙂

      • black davoo says:

        valantino distreser .bamuda 1 says dodos to all nationals.zonals.and temple bodies and all glorious axe men worldwide.orimadodo…bam….oooo

      • Tamara K says:

        Hi! Any chance you could translate this for me? Haha

      • najuju says:

        LOL sure. This assmanly word salad translates as: Valentino Strasser (= correct spelling, it’s a fairly common strong name in NBM) from Bermuda 1 (= correct spelling, it’s an NBM temple = University of Nigeria, Nsukka) greets the NBM national body, the NBM zones and all other of his “glorious” fellow assmen around the world.

      • samoht says:

        why will you chose to end your self in a shameful way even if you hide behind ip address i guess u use hotspot shield did u think it could guarantee your safety i followed u all the way from lagos and now we re both in abuja how long do you think it will take before i get you and u know what i just want you to know that name name which want to rubbish hold more ground in the country than u think i will have u arrested and your family will never find u u see dat your young son im sure will grow up knowing the father will be a cripple without hands and leg death is not the best option for you for the last time you are warned

      • najuju says:

        There you go again showing the world what NBM is really like. Thank you for proving me right yet again.
        You go travel around the country like a mad man trying to catch me, as you wish, just let me tell you that you will not find me because your small mind will never allow you to 🙂

  11. bahnaty whiz says:

    Dodo’s 2 all axe men 4 dis baground no mata anytin wey najuju won do nbm no go fall bt u go fall 1day u no fit hide 4eva nd u no fit liv 4eva

  12. barnaty says:

    Dodo’s 2 all glrs axemen wlrdwid una bam skatar..ntin wey dis najuju fit do nbm no go fall..no 4 get u no go liv 4 eva nd u no go hide 4 eva u go surely fall 1day …na mi ju nam barnaty dey yarn

  13. boskid whyzzzzzzzz says:

    Nbm no go fall

  14. tony1week says:

    na wah ooo….na juju hea Don do na abeg

    • Prince Eweka says:

      Don’t mind the brainless fool, Uche Tobias or Von EDOMI or whatever names you call yourselves. Self styled vigilantes stand alone, watch your back spy master.

      • najuju says:

        Aye assman! So you have identified a new suspect. Von Edomi this time. Hahaha. Congratulations – wrong again! The assmanly crack team is as useless and dumb as it has been the past 3 years.

  15. Paulitaver says:

    Good job @najuju

  16. desmond says:

    Didorima to all men,i grt all men !! ishee korofo no men go fall before der tym oo,jew name Adex.
    clear road oooooooooooo……

  17. shadow says:

    Is want I want Not want u want aka back movement
    I love dis and I want dis
    In Nigeria

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